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Every house is distinctive by its design style, furniture pieces, and lighting appliances, but what speaks the most are the details, such as door handles.

During iSaloni Milan Exhibition 2023 I remained amazed by some particular door handles I wish to share with you today. Designed elegantly, made of high-quality materials, and signed made in Italy, are a production of the Italian producer company is DND (www.dndhandles.it) .

I love BLUE in all its shades! It reminds me of the water that gives life to all, of the ocean with its depts and waves, of the blue sky in the summer and of the night sky to contemplate stars and think of how the universe was born. It is a magical, mystical, and deep color.

That is why, in this second week of May, I was inspired to collect some decorative pieces to bring into your interiors, so it will remind us every day that life has a profound purpose. It is continuously evolving as the shades of blue are changing gradually from the lightest to the deepest, connecting with our feelings and emotions. 

Since it was designed and produced in Germany 60 years ago, the cutlery set MONO-A did not submit any significant change, and this explains the reputation gained. It was the first design of the cutlery service to embody perfectly the Fifties Modernism. The authoritativeness of this series made of knives, forks, and spoons obtained from a one-piece cut metal appeared as democratic and seducing as ever before in 1959. 

Monday, 16 December 2019 10:09

Home Décor > Cocktail Glasses and a special recipe

Do you know how to prepare a good cocktail and in what type of glass to serve it? Here below is a selection of the best producers of glasses on the marketplace today, made in crystal, to serve any cocktails you please. 

Since 1921 VENINI produces in their laboratories handmade Murano glass art objects of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness!

Saturday, 15 June 2019 22:29

Home Décor > Colorfull patterns

I particularly love Missoni Home Décor! Yes, I am aware that it is so plain, an invasion of different colors, lines, rhombs, zig-zag, flowers, butterflies and so much more! But also it is so unique, unrepeatable and vivid! Nothing else likes this!