NEW Door Handles from DND (Made in Italy)

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Every house is distinctive by its design style, furniture pieces, and lighting appliances, but what speaks the most are the details, such as door handles.

During iSaloni Milan Exhibition 2023 I remained amazed by some particular door handles I wish to share with you today. Designed elegantly, made of high-quality materials, and signed made in Italy, are a production of the Italian producer company is DND ( .

The first on my list has a clean and minimalistic design by the name (IN)finito (in translation from Italian it means “infinite”), designed by the Italian architect Alfonso Femia. This model is immediately released in different versions and it was selected for the prestigious prize ADI Design 2019. Looking like a two-dimensional line, it can arrive from any direction to draw the handle and continue its path toward the other side. Today it is proposed in several exquisite finishing, like satin chrome, black matt, and natural brass, following a minimalistic style.

1 model INfinito

The next handle has art deco vibes and sparkles like a diamond, is the handle Anik brilliant 02, designed by the famous Italian architects Gabrielle & Oscar Buratti. This particular version is engraved to look like it is studded with small sparkling diamonds. It is proposed in different finishing to meet the most exclusive tastes, from black matt to polished nickel, matt sandblasted bronze, antique satin or bright gold.

2 Anik brilliant 02 foto

If you love architectural design shapes, then I would recommend looking up close at the door handle Luxury 02, designed by the hand of Mauro Ronchi. Pure geometry and clean cuts are the distinctive elements of this model, proposed in eight different finishings, some are satin matt (chrome, bronze, antique gold, copper, black, and graphite) or polished (chrome and antique gold).

3 Luxurt foto

Moreover, if you love eclectic style, full of vibrant colors, something aesthetically appealing and fun, take a look at the model Crisalide, designed by Elena Salmistraro. Made of metal and porcelain, decorated with glossy paint, will bring positive vibrations in your interiors.

4 models

A colorful door handle in retro charm style is the model Dune, always designed by Elena Salmistraro. These handles are made in hot stamped brass with porcelain insert in a combination of colors and finishings.

5 Dune foto

Get inspired, have fun, and decorate with style!

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