Cutlery MONO-A the incarnation of the Fifties Modernism

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Since it was designed and produced in Germany 60 years ago, the cutlery set MONO-A did not submit any significant change, and this explains the reputation gained. It was the first design of the cutlery service to embody perfectly the Fifties Modernism. The authoritativeness of this series made of knives, forks, and spoons obtained from a one-piece cut metal appeared as democratic and seducing as ever before in 1959. 

Peter Raacke was a young orphan and a German silversmith: his cutlery services, of classic charm, was timeless through the Sixties, and to this must be added the commercial success of the set Mono. It remains till today the best-selling German design of all times and modern affirmation as in the day it launched in 1959.

mono a

Even when practical rigor of Mono-A was tempered by the addition of handles in teak, ebony, and polymer in the successive series Mono-TMono-E, and Mono-Ring (2018), the result always came as sober as the original model A.

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