Hello! My name is Nadiya and I’m an interior designer and sales consultant specialized on Italian and EU producers.  As my job, I mainly project, consult and afterward decorate living and working spaces with furniture, lighting and decorative objects. My knowledge and experience in the field are counting more than ten years by now. Here on my blog and related social accounts I would like to share with you what I’ve learned in these years, give tips on how to design functional spaces, what products to choose best for every purpose, explain the variety of styles and how they differ one from another, particularities and advantages for each one of them. Moreover, once I’ve worked inside the industrial production of furniture in Italy, I wish to share some in-depth information on how products are made, the quality processing, prices and services, branding, materials and other important details related to items that we all use day-by-day in our homes and office. My task is to give you a better perception of the variety of products presented today on the market so that you can make a mindful decision when it comes to purchases for your own home. I’ll do my best to give you this information in a simple yet complex way, bringing concrete examples from the industry, so that anyone could have the basic knowledge in decorating and be able to create by yourself the design you want with style and elegance, as do professionals from our industry.

I hope this blog will become a Home for you, a place where you can come back any time you please, where you will always find something new to read, see some interesting items and get something inspiring for your personal growth.

And since I live in Lombardy in beautiful Italy, the country of Design, Fashion and great Kitchen, I will have the pleasure to share with you my preferred producers of furniture, lighting & tableware, items of design, share fashion tips and discuss styles, but also public simply delicious recipes directly from my Italian kitchen!

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