Cocktail Glasses and a special recipe

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Do you know how to prepare a good cocktail and in what type of glass to serve it? Here below is a selection of the best producers of glasses on the marketplace today, made in crystal, to serve any cocktails you please. 

Meantime, I would like to take you back in history and look at how this shape named today Martini Glass became a cult. Elegant and transparent, of decisive and straightforward design: a straight stem rises from a flat base. Today is as symbolic as the drink it is made to celebrate. Difficult to identify the origins; however, the first testimonies rise from the mid-Twenties of the last century as a result of mutable trends to please the high society’s tastes. In the early Twenties, the preferences of this class were shifting from sophisticated cocktails towards simpler drinks like Manhattan and Martini. Sensible to these changes, the decorative glasses, absolutely forefront, were reflecting the trends of that period with essential lines of Modernism. Mainly, the Martini Glass was the geometrical evolution of the champagne cups, which on their turn, replaced flutes in the early Twenties. Revisited multiple times by illustrators, artists, and movie directors, this object remains a timeless design icon from the Twenties

Further, I want to share with you, my dear readers, the recipe of one of my preferred cocktails, which is STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI

Ingredients: 6/10 white rum, 3/10 strawberry liqueur, 1/10 lemon juice or lime, three strawberries.

In the blender whisk at high speed, all the ingredients with flake ice then pour (non-filtered) into an old-fashioned glass, like, for instance, in Lismore Diamond from Waterford. Decorate with a fresh strawberry and a short straw.

The original recipe did not provide, but if you like, you may decorate the borders of the glass with some sugar crust. It’s a great after dinner, but I find it excellent for pre-dinner too. 

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