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The origins of the Vatican City have most antique roots dating back to Ancient Rome, and as you may already know, are deeply interconnected with the history of the Catholic Church. According to tradition, St. Peter, one of Jesus Christ's apostles and the first bishop of Rome (making him the first Pope in Catholic church), was martyred and buried in this area around the year 64 AD. Over his tomb, Emperor Constantine the Great constructed the original St. Peter's Basilica in the 4th century.

Across Europe, the traditions for decorating an Easter table blend the universal themes of renewal, spring, and religious observance with local customs and regional flavors. The focus is on gathering with family and friends to celebrate, with decorations that reflect the joy and beauty of the season.

If you want to see some of the best places from Apulia, the south part of Puglia region in Italy, then pack your bags for 7 days out and follow our itinerary. I promise you will enjoy the best beaches, swim in deep blue waters and caves, be amazed by the Baraco Leccese architectural style and fall in love with simple yet beautiful landscapes this part of the Italy has to offer.

The trip I invite you in will base in Porto Cesareo – a great place where to locate and meet every sunrise, while on evenings enjoy great Mediterranean cuisine and intense nightlife in the port. Every morning you cand drive from here in every of the destinations from our map discovering the beauty of these places. The purpose of this vacation was to mix leisure with exploring new places and make new memories, swimming in different places and explore waters, enjoy Mediterranean gourmet food, and see architecture.

Friday, 06 September 2019 21:58

Places & Customs > 3h Boat trip from Porto Cesareo

At the beginning of July, my husband and I decided to have a small vacation for about a week in the region of Puglia, South of Italy. The weather was promising to be great, with temperatures bouncing over + 35° С. And the water of the Ionian Sea fresh and clean.

Friday, 16 August 2019 15:48

Places & Customs > Medieval life in Pavia

Founded more than two thousand years ago on the left bank of the river Ticino, Pavia is one of the most beautiful cities in Lombardy. Here are preserved the characteristic road structure of the Roman castrum along with several historical churches of great architectural value and a Castle. In fact, for a short period, Pavia was the capital of Lombardy Kingdom (572-774). Moreover, since the Middle ages, Pavia has been also a university town, today recognized on an international level.

Saturday, 29 June 2019 14:33

Places & Customs > Minions in Novara

Who loves Minions? - I do. I love these funny little creatures, watched all the movies of “Despicable Me” and the “Minions” too.

There is a local legend that tells a story. A long time ago in the 15th century lived a handsome and very rich young man. He was the promised spouse to the daughter of the richest man inland and their marriage was meant to unite the two richest families in the countryside. But his heart was stolen by a beautiful yet poor young lady. And against all odds of the time they got married. Nevertheless, their happy married life was not meant to last long. Unfortunately, the premature death of the woman ended this fairytale love story.