My visit to the hunted castle of Zavattarello (PV) - Italy

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There is a local legend that tells a story. A long time ago in the 15th century lived a handsome and very rich young man. He was the promised spouse to the daughter of the richest man inland and their marriage was meant to unite the two richest families in the countryside. But his heart was stolen by a beautiful yet poor young lady. And against all odds of the time they got married. Nevertheless, their happy married life was not meant to last long. Unfortunately, the premature death of the woman ended this fairytale love story.

The young and unhappy man remained inconsolable single. So was still single the daughter of the richest man. And they got married. Even more unfortunate for the young man because against his knowledge, this marriage was dimmed to be short and dramatic: soon after the celebration of the marriage, the new wife revenged to her husband for the past years he traded her for another woman and poisoned him.

A true love story of Pietro Dal Verme who chooses to marry his beloved Cecilia Del Maino against the will of his family and his engagement to the richest Chiara Sforza, who was the daughter of the mighty lord of Milan Galeazzo Maria. A story deadly ended.

Here stops the history and the legend begins… Numerous witnesses are telling about inexplicable facts which happened in different parts of the castle: chairs moved, doors openings, male voices. The locals truly believe it’s the man searching for his true love and since he never finds it, he continues unstoppable to look for her in every part of the castle… 

I have no idea if these facts are real or just story-telling and if this place is hunted or not? Locals firmly believe it is. But since it is not far away from where I currently live I thought curious to visit it by myself and make my idea. I didn’t have “the privilege” to meet any ghost while visiting the place. Nevertheless, I was very pleased to see the location! Those of you who love history I believe will appreciate this construction. It was a military fortress, among others. And you'll have the chance to spend some time in nature, surrounded by beautiful landscapes sited on top of the hill, over the city.

In the gallery below you can see some photos I took while visiting this place in November 2018:

The guided tour from the Castle will walk into every room, from the prisons to the top of the tower, and will tell you all the juicy details of these rich families. You can also see the original furniture pieces, musical instruments, a selection of old bottled wines, along with a small collection of imported art objects from over the sea that belonged to this family. Moreover, the Castle has opened its doors to several modern art exhibitions and every year on 15th and 16th August the Dal Verme Castle comes back to its glorious past by celebrating Medieval Glory and Traditions with ladies and knights’ costumes, artisans, courts men, animated battles, dances, games and a lot of entertainment.

If you are curious to read all the history behind this Legend with real facts, names and dates, please visit the official site of the location, they do describe it in detailed directly in several languages, among which in English too:

Tell me what hunted castles did you visit? Have you ever seen a ghost or believe they do exist? Let me know in the comment section here below. I am so curious about it.

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