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The Thirties – A decade of fashion

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The 1930s was a decade marked by the Great Depression, and, at the same time, it brought significant advancements in style and design. Let’s take a closer look, see the key trends in fashion and interior design from that era:

  • The 1930s fashion emphasized a more elongated, slim silhouette with natural waistlines, often cinched to highlight an hourglass figure.
  • Introduced by designer Madeleine Vionnet, the bias cut dress became popular, allowing the fabric to drape and move fluidly, creating a sleek and body-skimming effect.
  • Pioneered by designers like Elsa Schiaparelli, shoulder pads were used to create a strong and defined shoulder line.
  • Women's daywear was made of tailored suits and dresses with modest hemlines, typically mid-calf length. Moreover, preference was given to practical fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon, providing durability and comfort.
  • Women’s evening wardrobe were mainly glamorous gowns, often made from luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet. They featured details like beading, sequins, and ruffles. Moreover, the backless evening dress became a sensation, offering a combination of sophistication and allure.
  • The accent was made through accessories: Hats were an essential part of the 1930s wardrobe, ranging from cloche hats to wide-brimmed styles. Gloves were worn for both day and evening occasions. Art Deco influences continued with geometric shapes and bold designs in jewelry.
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A small history of the SLIP dress

The SLIP dress - a seductively flowing outfit, daring, but incredibly charming, once carefully hidden from prying eyes - today is a desired toilet for many women. It emphasizes a magnificent figure, puts the beauty of the body on a pedestal, and easily breaks a man's heart!

The slip dress, known for its simple yet elegant silhouette, has been a significant part of the fashion history: its first wave of popularity came in the twenties of the last century, when women used to wear a black silk slip dress, palm-length below the knee, combined with fur capes or short fur coats. The next wave arrived in the sixties, when the slip dress was recognized as a must-have silhouette for a woman’s wardrobe. While later, in the nineties, thanks to designers like Calvin Klein and John Galliano for Dior, it came back and was especially noted as a symbol of minimalist fashion.

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Brigitte Bardot, known also as B.B. (by her initials) is one of France's most iconic actresses and a global symbol of cinematic and fashion allure from the 1950s and 1960s. Her career was marked by numerous films that highlighted her beauty, charm, and acting talent, contributing significantly to her status as an international sex symbol.

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Red carpet events are fascinating! They're where fashion, celebrity culture, and sometimes even political statements come together in a vivid display.

Not a single role, mediocre or brilliant, excites the public as much as the outfits of Hollywood stars! Red carpet events are the epitome of glamour and showcase a range of fashion trends, reflecting both personal style and the broader movements within the fashion industry.

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The Versace Fashion House is one of the most illustrious names in the world of fashion. It was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978 in Milan, Italy. He was original from Reggio Calabria, Italy, and since his infancy was deeply influenced by his mother, who was a dressmaker, leading him to pursue a career in fashion. His journey in the fashion industry began with freelance designing, which eventually paved the way for the establishment of his own brand.

Versace quickly became known for its bold, innovative designs, luxurious fabrics, and the emblematic Medusa logo, symbolizing beauty and power. The brand distinguished itself with its glamorous aesthetic, combining classical motifs with modern sensuality. Versace's designs were a blend of pop culture and classical art, making them instantly recognizable and desirable.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the brand's meteoric rise, with Versace becoming a favorite brand among celebrities, models, and the fashion elite. Gianni Versace was among the first designers to link fashion to the music industry, famously cultivating relationships with stars like Madonna, Prince, and Elton John, further enhancing the brand's visibility and desirability.

Tragically, Gianni Versace was murdered outside his Miami Beach home in 1997, a shocking event that rocked the fashion world. Following his death, his sister, Donatella Versace, took over as the artistic director, while his brother Santo Versace became CEO. Under Donatella's leadership, Versace has continued to thrive, maintaining its status as a symbol of Italian luxury while evolving with contemporary trends and expanding its product range to include accessories, home furnishings, and fragrances.

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The perfect dress for all body types, looking feminine and avant-guarde!

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A small history of the SKELETON DRESS

Schiapparelli was born in a family of aristocrats of Italian origins, descendants of the Medici family. At a certain point, she transferred to New York, and then to Paris, where she encountered Paul Poiret, whose garments inspired her to become a designer. She began as a freelancer designing sports garments. Her first international recognition arrived when designing a knit pullover with a white trompe-l’oel bow motif, being featured in American Vogue.

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A small history of the LEATHER DRESS

The leather dress is offering a pinch of strong appeal and sexuality!

A dress made of natural leather (or eco-leather) is a special garment. It is a fashion statement, giving the woman a secure and powerful look, demonstrating strength and a certain status, and looking confident and sexy.

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A small history of the BALLOON DRESS

The best choice for young long-legged Ladies!

In 1951, the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga presented a cocktail balloon dress, completely changing the usual silhouette of a women’s dress. 

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A small history of the DYNASTY DRESS

A luxurious look for powerful independent women knowing they are valuable!

Sometimes, popular TV series create new trends in fashion and in interior design, becoming a cult, which sometimes may be “a moment of glory”, a fast-burning trend for a season or two, or other times, it can become “timeless” and create history.

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