A small history of the SLIP dress

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The SLIP dress - a seductively flowing outfit, daring, but incredibly charming, once carefully hidden from prying eyes - today is a desired toilet for many women. It emphasizes a magnificent figure, puts the beauty of the body on a pedestal, and easily breaks a man's heart!

The slip dress, known for its simple yet elegant silhouette, has been a significant part of the fashion history: its first wave of popularity came in the twenties of the last century, when women used to wear a black silk slip dress, palm-length below the knee, combined with fur capes or short fur coats. The next wave arrived in the sixties, when the slip dress was recognized as a must-have silhouette for a woman’s wardrobe. While later, in the nineties, thanks to designers like Calvin Klein and John Galliano for Dior, it came back and was especially noted as a symbol of minimalist fashion.

Calvin Klein, in particular, is often credited with popularizing the slip dress as outerwear, featuring it prominently in his collections and advertisements.


The SLIP dress is characterized by a lightweight, body-skimming silhouette, often made from opaque, but smooth fabrics like silk, satin, crepe, or chiffon. Such dresses typically feature thin straps, a V-neck or scoop neckline, open back, and a length that can vary from mini to midi to maxi. Identifiable details include a bias cut (which helps the fabric drape naturally over the body), lace trimmings, and sometimes slits to enhance movement. These dresses exude a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic, making them versatile for both casual and formal occasions. Nevertheless, such a silhouette dress will not fit every body type, it requires a well-groomed and toned body.


With this dress you can wear only matte, thin transparent tights or simply bare legs. For an evening out, the most suitable will be a pair of elegant stilettoes or sandals with thin stiletto heels. During the day, you can play with contrast and wear ankle boots or thick heels. Lace inserts can be in the same tone as the dress or contrasting (in such case, very interesting duo would make wearing shoes in the same color). Moreover, the outerwear should not look heavy, since in this case the dress will risk to really look like underwear. As for accessories, a pair of expensive jewelry, a thin bracelet, or earrings is enough. A clutch or sleek shoulder bag completes the look, maintaining the dress minimalist vibe.


However, the modern wear has radically changed, so we can take the slip dress for day and night, paired with a tailored blazer or kimono, with a men's jacket or tuxedo, a light coat or an elongated cardigan, a daring biker or a leather jacket.


The whole piquancy is that the woman looks seductive in a slip dress, as if she had just gotten out of bed. If you do not want to give the impression that you are in underwear, then you’ll need to have a beautiful hairstyle and fresh makeup.

The best hairstyles to pair with a slip dress lean towards simplicity and elegance, reflecting the dress's minimalist aesthetic. Loose waves or a sleek straight look complement the dress's fluid lines, while a low bun or a simple ponytail can add a touch of sophistication for a more formal occasion. An undone updo can also bring a relaxed yet chic vibe, suitable for both daytime and evening wear. The key is to keep the hairstyle effortless to match the slip dress's elegant simplicity.


In recent years, the slip dress has continued to be a staple in fashion collections, celebrated for its understated elegance and ease of wear. Many contemporary designers and fashion houses have embraced and reinterpreted the slip dress, integrating it into their collections with various fabrics, prints, and details.

For this season Spring-Summer 2024, several designers showcased dresses with slip dress styles or elements reminiscent of it, particularly within trends featuring glitter, fringes, and floral patterns. While specific mentions of "slip dress" styles were not detailed in the sources, these trends often incorporate aspects of slip dresses, such as their sleek silhouette and emphasis on fluidity and movement. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Chloé, and Carolina Herrera presented garments that echo the slip dress's elegance through floral patterns and embellishments.


The popularity of the slip dress is also noticed among designers and fashion houses such as:

  • Versace: Offering sexy dresses for day and night time.


  • Victoria Beckham: An adept of modern minimalism, often proposes the slip dress in every new collection (she personally wore one as Mother-in-law at the wedding of her son Brooklyn)


These and other contemporary brands underscore the versatility and timeless appeal of the SLIP dress in the fashion industry. Whether dressed up with heels and accessories for an evening out or worn casually with sneakers and a denim jacket, the slip dress remains a beloved choice for its simplicity, comfort, and elegance.

Among famous women, who love slip dresses, we find Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Emily Ratajkowski, Siena Miller, and other.

Enjoy great style dresses and be fashionable!

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