A small history of the LEATHER DRESS

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The leather dress is offering a pinch of strong appeal and sexuality!

A dress made of natural leather (or eco-leather) is a special garment. It is a fashion statement, giving the woman a secure and powerful look, demonstrating strength and a certain status, and looking confident and sexy.

A classical silhouette for the leather dress is to be considered the following two: one is the sheath dress, and the second is the pencil dress.

These models could have sleeves or not, and a different type of collar, but with simple cuts and no extra decorative elements.

When the leather dress is made of high-quality leather, like in soft lamb or full-grain cowhow leather, it looks chic! Such a dress will be suitable for almost every type of social event.

A leather dress will be most suitable for the autumn-winter season; after all, leather is the kind of material that is holding warm.

The leather dress is by itself complete, with no need for accessorizing. Nevertheless, a model with a low armhole can be paired with a turtleneck underneath or a chiffon blouse.

Moreover, it is considered “bad taste” to wear leather from head to toe; so, choose your accessories, such as shoes, bags, gloves, and hats, in another type of material, for example, suede or felt, and fur.

A silk scarf and pearls would draw away the focus from the dress, so are not recommended in this outfit.

However, red lipstick, beautiful loose hair, and transparent tights will always look sexy and up-to-date with a leather dress. So, go for it!

If we look back into history, people were making clothes and shoes from natural leather since ancient times.

With modern technology, the production of high-quality leather has improved; moreover, it exponentially increased the diversity of products, including the production of great-quality eco-leather and synthetic leather materials.

For many fashion designers, these materials have become the number one choice because it is so versatile, and suitable to many styles, from military to classics, from ethnic and Bohemian, to rock, and bikers style.

leather dresses   variants

At the end of the XX century, were created the first leather dresses.

Thanks to innovative technology and high-quality manufacturing, the industry for design can release dresses of all styles, with deep cuts and open shoulders, from most exaggerated puffy skirts to asymmetric layering, cuts, and particular stitches.

Enjoy fashion! Today more than ever we can be bold, feminine, and sexy!

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