My favorite chocolate cheesecake

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Gear Gourmet fiends,

Today, I wish to share one of my favorite fresh homemade cakes, with a pinch of hazelnuts and dark chocolate. 

Cooking time: 30 min. Difficulty level: low.


- 280g whole meal biscuits

- 50g Savoyards biscuits

- 50g butter

- 250g mascarpone

- 2 eggs (yolks/albumen)

- 1 orange (juice) 

- 30g hazelnuts

- 80g dark chocolate

- NO added sugar

chocolate cheesecake ingredients


  1. Put all biscuits in a blender to obtain a granular mixture.
  2. In a small pot melt the butter and mix it with the biscuits, afterward, put it on the bottom of a stamp and press well to fix it.
  3. Separate yolks from albumen. First, blend albumen to obtain a puffy foam.
  4. In another bowl mix yolks with mascarpone, then add the foam of the albums.
  5. For a special flavor, squeeze the juice of an orange, and add into the cream. Then, stand it on top of the first layer of biscuits.
  6. At last, chop or melt the chocolate, and stand it on top of the cake.
  7. I love hazelnuts, so I choose to spare some on top of the chocolate.

chocolate cheesecake ingredients foto

Enjoy it in good company, with a cup of coffee and in the great company of your friends and family!

With best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger