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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 11:41

Fashion Inspiration > The Athleisure Style 2020

Interesting! Who would expect that during this craziness pandemic time we shall discover a new fashion style?! Well, it is not quite new, because hoodies, knitwear, sweatshirts, bike shirts, and sneakers we saw on runways and street style in the last couple of years at least, but this year 2020 became a trend and got a name - ATHLEISURE! Sounds fancy and trendy, just the way it should describe a fashion trend in the XXI century!

Who doesn’t love an excellent WHITE DRESS? Best fashion designers from around the world launched this garment on the runways for Spring-Summer collection 2020 in all the styles, shapes, and lengths. It is a must-have item to have in our wardrobe for hot summer days we have ahead, and for special occasions where to wear a clean, polished look. 

With Spring finally coming to our doors, here arrives the perfect time to review our wardrobe and prepare for spring-summer time 2020! To make the BEST CHOICES, we must, first of all, consider our lifestyle, work environment, and hobbies, and divide our clothes and accessories by these categories. It will help us quickly build an outfit every time we go out. 

Every season we get to admire new collections made by the best creative designers in the world! We look at runway shows from Milan, Paris, London, and New York, and we get to choose what to love for ourselves. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 12:35

Fashion Inspiration > Best bra for generous sizes

As a lady with a generous shapes, I understand the struggle women like me have on finding the right bra. We need to feel confident and sexy, so what we’re looking for is all-in-one: quality materials, beautiful embroideries/shapes, and comfortability!

Friday, 07 February 2020 13:11

Fashion Inspiration > 2020 SS Trends - Shorts Suits

Who can tell for how long we’ll have to wait for Spring to come, probably here in Italy it will take a month or two. Usually, March is the beginning of sunny days and temperatures over +15° C.

In the meantime, I got to enjoy the looks on RUNWAYS for this Spring-Summer Collections 2020 and take notice on current trends. Just to know what to put on when the right time? I’ve decided to share some of my loved trends, maybe you’ll find some inspirational ideas for yourself too.

While we’re waiting for springtime 2020 to arrive, let’s enjoy the runways and see some of the best looks designers propose for this new season! Moreover, we can create a look book considering the color trends the institute of Pantone confirmed, and get ready to enjoy a freshened up wardrobe.

Today we are witnessing an elevated comfort in living: the ability to work from home, keep hundreds of books in a purse (on a kindle), chat internationally with no cost by using apps and do shopping sitting comfortably on a couch. And all these thanks to the magic presence of the internet!

Ladies, we all can be stylish! No matter the high, the weight, the skin, the hair, or the color of the eyes. What matters is to have a sense of proportions and good taste, know what our strong points are and focus on them. Emphasize what we love in yourself!

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