The French Riviera Style

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Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

Most of us must wear business attire every day of the week at the working place, no matter what we do for a living and where we work. But on weekends we desire to relax and spend our free time in joy, doing what we love the most. To feel this change of atmosphere and relief ourselves from the working stress and routine, we usually do some activities outdoors, wearing something that makes us feel free, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.

If you live in a city, you probably observed many times women wearing casual styles mainly because of the comfortability in silhouettes and garments with a prevailing percentage of neutral tones that can be easily matched to create a major number of different outfits. However, the risk of wearing only BASIC ITEMS IN NEUTRAL COLORS is that it may look boring and sometimes lack personality.

So, how can we create a basic wardrobe for the weekends that will always be comfortable, require minimum pieces but easily mixed and matched, and at the same time look stylish and express our individuality? Well, I might have just the right solution - THE FRENCH RIVIERA STYLE!

If you have had the opportunity to walk in the late afternoon on promenade of the French Riviera Coast (the beach coastline), particularly “la Promenade des Anglais” in Niece, a wide, lively, and very busy sidewalk (7 km long) on the Mediterranean Sea, you probably saw often women wearing cotton knitted striped topwhite pants, and comfortable loafers. It looks chic, but casual, very much like a rich sailor that came out from its yacht. It is the perfect look in the summertime for the weekends and for every occasion you wish to spend in leisure (like going shopping, for a walk, to the local grocery, at the barbecue with friends and family, or pick up kids from school). 

But where originates this style? - The famous coastal road and walkway “la Promenade des Anglais”, now called just “La Prom” was built in 1820, and the project was organized mainly because of the high influx of English people who begun spending their winters in Nice, on the Mediterranean coast, attracted by the warm climate.

Therefore, all the pieces from the wardrobe to fit into the chic and relaxed atmosphere of the French Riviera Style, must have the following characteristics:

-          made of natural materials,

-          tailored to fit perfectly,

-          with simple stitches,

-          minimum decorations, and

-          a few high-end accessories.

Now let’s select the necessary garments to create the perfect wardrobe in French Riviera Style:

1)    Polo shirts, dresses, cardigans with stripes, with short and long sleeves




2)    White pants, can be silk leasure pants, or jeans and man-styled trousers in a stiff qualitative cotton


3)    Simple belt in leather or pleated col. camel, brown, navy blue or black color


4)    A-silhouette floating dresses, best is knee- and midi- length


5)    A trench coat or/and a bomber jacket (in cotton, leather, or silk)


6)    A shopper or a tote bag in cotton or/and leather – the best model is the


7)    Loafers, espadrillas (wedges) and slippers


8)    Accessories: some silk scarfs, an exclusive watch (Swiss is the best!) and sunglasses of classical style


What is your favorite style for the long weekends?



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