Industrial style elements

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The Industrial style takes its identity from old factories and industrial buildings and is frequently found in urban areas. It is suitable for apartments, where predominant architectural elements are high ceilings, brick walls and concrete flooring, raw wood, and visible steel pipes.

This design concept started with the industrial era and became popular with the liberation of these spaces in favor of residents. Its aesthetic style became loved and famous in the 2000s, and afterward evolved in a strong trend until 2010s and remained most appreciated up to our days because of its strong architectural declaration!

Furniture factories like Vener Lab consistently create unique pieces of modern concept and style. At Milano Fair #isaloni2019, we could admire the table “Helix” made with a marble base and a steel top of helix shape for a strong personality. Another remarkable piece was this higher table Bolt made of steel and reminding the industrial bolt used in construction. Graciously made was another design piece, the Table “Como Lake,” with engraved in steel the geographical shape of the Como lake on a varnished metal base.

Which elements from industrial design do you like? Is this a style you would use to decorate your home? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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