Velvet Upholstery - what you shoud know before buying

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All items upholstered in Velvet fabric are looking so sophisticated, elegant, and rich! We can admire it from design pieces of sofas and chaise-longues to padded beds and elegant drapes.

Velvet is an aristocratic, elegant, and plain fabric! Only great qualities, right? But this is not all. Let's see step by step what to consider if you decide to upholster in it some items in your house:

1) Velvet can be made of different fiber composition, such as:

  •   100% Silk - This fabric is traditionally made with silk in which cotton is used only occasionally. It has a very soft and smooth feeling. Excellent for drapes and accessories of all types. But because it is so delicate, it’s better not to use on sittings or hush surfaces, where it can be easily consumed (such as sitting cushions on a sofa).

  • 100% Cotton – A natural fiber used to produce velvet of higher resistance. It is mostly utilized to upholster sofas, armchairs, poufs, beds chairs and all items, where the fabric must have long durability in use.

  • 100% Synthetic –In fibers like polyester or nylon, so it has a high resistance. But, usually this type of velvet has a shiny and cheaper appearance, so choose one of good quality. Today on the market there are several good producers, look well before buying.

  • Mixed – It can be made of mixed fibers like cotton and polyester, or silk and cotton; there are different combinations. It is still a great quality velvet but has a higher resistance because of the synthetic fiber compound.

2) Velvet is a material that looks stunning in all kinds of interior styles: Modern, Ardeco, Contemporary, Classical. It is a matter of the shapes and combination with other materials like wood, stone, marble, gold, and silver leaves to make it look stunning.

3) Velvet is a soft and rich looking material, but take into consideration the other side of the coin – it’s “minuses”:

-     Do you have pets, dogs or cats? And they love to walk freely around the house, and sit just like on every piece of furniture you have? Take into consideration this fabric holds the imprints of the hair more than any other. Moreover, it is not easy to clean it up. You'll need particular brushes and detergents to do proper maintenance.

-     Generally, it requires accurate maintenance. In 99% of the cases, it's allowed only dry cleaning! This material must be kept on rolls. No folding, otherwise the material will get wrinkles that will be hard to steam off, if not impossible. So, consider the extra-costs for maintenance.  

-     Finally, the velvet, especially the one made of 100% cotton, tends to create cloth with time, so use it on surfaces where it will resist better in time. And choose tighter knitting of a higher quality velvet so it will have longer durability.

If you need other information on this matter, write your questions in the comment section here below, I’ll be happy to answer.  

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