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I love the way Olivia Palermo creates her outfits: an interesting mix of textures, color blocking, very fashionable and unique, but the same time in a timeless style! Looking through Pinterest, I found out this photo, where she is doing a photo shooting on this classical armchair (looking flawless by the way!).

If you follow me, you already know I’m an interior designer with a close look at Italian producers, so I thought: well if I want to have an armchair like this one, where can I find it?

Here bellow I want to share with you some models I found among Italian producers, and give some detailed information on each of the models, so if you’re looking for something like this, you can easily find out where to purchase one:

1. Armchair Art. 1491 is made by the famous Italian manufacturer Angelo Cappellini (

It is made of solid wood structure, embellished with silver leaf (Finish AR1), and upholstered in rich floral fabric (TX3015/D0 comp. 46%VI 19%PC 35%PL).

Packaging Volume = 0,69 m3 / Gross Weight = 22 kg.

1 AC   1491

2. Another model from this producer is the armchair Art. 11161 with a smoother structure and less decorative classical elements, but still finished with silver leaf, upholstered in two different velvet fabrics.

Packaging Volume = 0,95 m3 / Gross Weight = 28 kg.

2 AC   11161

3. Remaining in the North of Italy this time in the province of Verona, we’ll find a younger company, specialized in upholstery items called Seven Sedie (

I particularly love their armchair Stige 9896P, because of its upgraded sizes. The wood structure made from beech tree is painted in Gypsum White with upholstery in fabric Grey and Floral motives, with three back cushions size 39x39 cm (inch 15,75x15,75). 

You can personalize this armchair with additional Swarovski buttons, double welt, metal or felt glides.

Packaging Volume = 0,90 m3 / Gross Weight = 25 kg.

3 Seven Sedie   Stige

4. Another model with a more baroque twist from this producer is the armchair Hedra 9870P.

It has a wooden structure all around with inlay details, painted antique white and silver leaf (Finish U3), upholstered in fabric cotton grey, decorated with silver trimmings. 

Packaging Volume = 0,75 m3 / Gross Weight = 19,5 kg.

4 Seven Sedie   Hedra

5. With a Provençale touch there is this beautiful armchair 1491/W Provenzale in soft padding and elegant manufacture, completely handcrafted, made by Italian producer Morello Gianpaolo ( ).

The structure is finished in Pickled Pine (D1), seat cushion and back in tissue (Capri 60%CO 40%PL).

Packaging Volume = 0,76 m3. 

5 MGP   Provenzale

6. Armchair 1691/W Giulio made by the same Morello Gianpaolo, this time with wood structure lacquered ivory with bordeaux and shiny gold leaf details.

Upholstery is made in two fabrics: one is unicolor fine lines dark aubergine (74%CO 16%SE 10%VI), while back cushion and seat are in tissue with golden-walnut flowers.

Packaging Volume = 0,75 m3. 

6 MGP   Giulio

7. A Hollywoodian pop-art atmosphere is transmitted through upholstery of this next armchair 2253/W Monroe, with wooden frame polished white (B7), always made by Morello Gianpaolo.

Packaging Volume = 0,60 m3. 

7 MGP   Monroe

8. This next armchair 3119 POL is produced by the Florentine handcrafted producer company Savio Firmino ( ).

Makes high quality items known worldwide for its outstanding pieces in classical style. This time is presented in modern upholstery tissue (AE6), framed with wood inlay finished vermeille and sand (G12).

Packaging Volume = 0,61 m3. 

8 SF   3119

9. Another outstanding Italian producer is Creazioni by Silik ( ), which distinguished by creativity in design, particular details and finishing.

Their model CR/8901 Stefy, with shiny black frame and colorful upholstery is one of their particular models.

Packaging Volume = 0,88 m3. 


10. Ceppi Style ( ) is another historical Italian brand, that produces luxury furniture, armchairs included. Here are some of my favorite models from the brand:

Armchair 2659 Leila in massive walnut with gold details, upholstery classical floral graphics. Packaging Volume = 0,78 m3. 

Armchair 2354 Princess  a walnut armchair with meccato silver details. Packaging Volume = 0,77 m3. 

Walnut armchair 2912 with golden details. Packaging Volume = 0,91 m3. 

11. This is the armchair Aramis from Italian producer Gold Confort ( ), with structure made in massive wood, covered with silver leaf, upholstered in tissue. Packaging Volume = 0,70 m3. 

This producer company is based in Tuscany, in the center of Italy. They’re using only high-quality leather and a good selection of classical tissue, natural massive wood for decorative elements, silver and gold leaf for a high-end luxury touch.

Moreover, the company also renewed recently their production establishment, using solar cell covers and by so upgraded its status on ecology environmental standards (bravo!).

13 Gold Confort   Arams

These models are very chic, made of high-quality materials in Italy, mostly handcrafted. Would you like to have an armchair like these? Which is your favorite?

If you need any further information on these articles, let me know in the comment sections here below, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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