Design Objects - Flatware (1936) cutlery designed by Gio Ponti

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Dear readers and lovers of great design,

Today I wish to recall two great names from the industry of design: the first is Gio Ponti, and the second is Sambonet, both Made in Italy.

Gio Ponti (1891-1979) was an influential Italian architect and designer, who made significant contributions to the world of design, including flatware. His designs are known for their modernist approach, blending functionality with elegant, minimalist aesthetics.

One of his most famous flatware design is the FLATWARE cutlery, created for the Italian brand Krupp in 1936. It’s design was marked by modernist clean lines, while its smooth lines were practical and comfortable at use.

In the Sixties, the Sambonet family acquired Krupp brand, and continued the production of Flatware until Nineties, interrupting it for some time, and relaunching the production at the end of 2003 until our days, available in stainless steel, but also in silver-plated finish.

The history marked year 1856, when Giuseppe Sambonet, the son of a nobleman from Vercelli - after graduating from Fine Arts – has obtained his warrant as Master Goldsmith. He established the company “Giuseppe Sambonet” (GS), which by the early 1900s became the official supplier to many noble families, among them were the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin.

In every era, Sambonet has stood out for its progressive technology. In 1938, already started to produce stainless steel, making its way to the silver-plating process, being the first in Italy to build a galvanic plant for silver-plating and have its own production of massive silverware.

Our days, the company makes several categories of finishing, from mirror to diamond, antique, and vintage, to satisfy most pedantic requests.

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How a table is set?

Forks are placed to the left side of the plate, in the order of use from the outside towards center. There should be no more than three forks, with tines pointing up. Standard, fish, or meat knives, are always placed to the right with blades turned toward the plate. The soup spoon, if any, is placed to the right, in the outermost position next to knives. Fruit and dessert flatware is placed horizontally above the plate, while the dessert spoon is placed in the outermost position with the handle to the right, like the knife.

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In 2009, Sambonet Paderno Industrie acquired the prestigious German porcelain brand Rosenthal, followed by the Bavarian Arzberg in 2013 and the French Ercuis and Raynaud in 2015. Today, the Arcturus Group is an international leader in the dining, kitchen, and home living business worldwide.

For those of you looking for an elegant and timeless cutlery design, I invite you to see from upclose the FLAT designed by Gio Ponti directly on the website of the producer company While, if you need more technical information or an opinion of an interior designer in love with good design, I remain at your complete disposal.

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