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Dear Design Lovers,

Did you love to play with LEGO in your childhood? With just simple, colorful bricks, you could create ANYTHING YOU WANTED. There was no limit to the imagination!

IX CUBE has developed a similar tool, the “cube” piece, allowing to build furnishings just like playing with Lego. Building furniture is now easy and fun! There are no limits to sizing, colorations, and upholsterings.

Moreover, IX CUBE is built on a multi-functioning principle, meaning that every piece can be switched at any time, therefore, re-build the furnishing by creating a new composition, for example, transforming a 3-seat sofa into two armchairs and a pouf.

At last, IX CUBE is diligent with the ambient and has created its product based on the deconstructive principle, meaning that this product can be separated into its different parts (the foam, the plastic base, the steel details, the coverings) and re-cycled, creating no waste.

3 example

IX CUBE has created a simple system for building furniture pieces, giving us the maximum freedom on choosing the sizing, the finishing, and the color-combination we desire.

We can choose among four different cube hights, named MODULES:

- XS (extra-small) = used for creating low sittings

- S (small) = the base unit of all sittings, used also for beds and soundproof pannels

- M (medium) = used for lumbar support (as backrest and armrests)

- L (long) = used mainly to create the backrest (for sofas and armrests) and the headboard (for beds)

- Headrest with bracket = used for offering excellent neck support, fixed to the structure at two angles, in two heights

4 module

How a “cube” is made? It is composed of different parts, all of which may be personalized:

- the cushion made of one-molding foam, covered with upholstering in fabric or leather at choice;

- the carter (the base) is made of plastics, available in different finishing, including of marble, onyx, carbon, and wood effect;

- the feet made of steel, available in three different heights;

- the stopper is available in the same finishing as the carter.

With my best wishes,


MetropolitanMe Blogger