10 Exquisite Rounded Beds for your Inspiration

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Dear Design Lovers,

For those, who love good design and high-quality materials, this selection of soft-padded beds might be interest for you. All models are special, unique by shape, materials, some of them have particular stitches or other particularities. 

1/ The bed Clip, designed by Nika Zupanc for DITRE ITALIA, is exclusive by design and shape. The perfect centerpiece, will captivate and invite you to relaxation!

Available in two sizes, with slats 160x200 and 180x200 cm.

1 Clip

2/ The bed Embrace, designed by Note Design Studio for PIANCA looks like a cocoon, welcoming and refined. The structure is uplifted from the ground by a few centimeters, looking statuary. A retreat to a safe haven.

Available in different sizes, with slat 150x190/200 cm, 160x190/200 cm, 180x200/210 cm, and 190x200 cm.

2 Embrace

3/ The bed Fulham, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for MOLTENI&C is statuary, the expression of masculinity and sophistication. Fulham Road, in the center of London city, gives the name to this exquisite bed, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating relaxation.

This bed is available with slats of different sizes, from standard 160x200, 170x200, to Queen 180x200, and King sizes 195x205 and 200x200 cm.

Moreover, it is available a bench of the same design, to accompany the bed.

3 Fulham

4/ The Tufty-bed, designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B ITALIA, ensures solidity and comfortability, characterized distinctively by sewing covering. Can be upholstered in fabric or leather, at choice.

Available in different sizes, with slat from 153x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm, 193x200 cm to King 200x200 cm.

4 Tufty

5/ The bed èS Heaven, designed by the internal R & D team of the Italian company TWILS.

The rounded headboard gives comfortable support for those loving reading a good book before sleeping. The new slim feet are uplifting the structure, looking lightweight and modern.

Available in different sizes, for slat sizes 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm, and 200x200 cm.

5 Heaven

6/ The bed Marlena, a production of the Italian TOMASELLA Group, has a modern design with particular vertical seams, making it exquisitely elegant. Furnish your bedroom with a refined atmosphere.

Available in different sizes, with slats 150x200 cm, 160x190/200 cm, and 180x200 cm.

6 Marlena

7/ The bed Desdémone, designed by N. Nasrallah & C. Horner for LIGNE ROSET, with an upholstered headboard reminding of a shell, is inviting for relaxation. This bed beautifully reflects the trend for multi-functional products: to read, to watch tv, or even to write.

Available in different sizes, with slats 150x200 cm, 160x200 cm, and 180x200 cm.

7 Desdemone

8/ The Softbay bed, designed by G. Viganò for PORADA, with four feet in solid canaletta walnut and a soft-paded headboard. Upholstered in a bouclè fabric, it is the perfect incarnation of this year's 2023 trends in interior design!

The bed is available with slats of different sizes, from standard 180x200 and 200x200 cm.

8 Softbay

9/ The bed Zero, designed by Pierangelo Sciuto for PRESOTTO, is a harmonical combination of a circle and a square. The square mattress is placed on a rounded base, with soft pillows for the headrest, and is upholstered in fabric or leather.

9 Zero

10/ The bed Italo, designed by Gianluigi Landoni for VIBIEFFE, is a crowned king in the bedroom. The base and headboard are padded with polyurethane foam, upholstered with heated bonded fiber, and covered with quilted fabric.

The bed is available with slats in different sizes: 150x200 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm, and 190x200 cm.

10 Italo

Best wishes,


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