Design Objects - The sofa STANDARD by Francesco Binfaré

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Edra is an Italian company of Tuscan origins, born in 1987. The nickname has ancient origins and it is quite suggestive. To fully understand the concept that stands behind, we must go back in history and enter the stately home of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Inside those villas, there was a special room called “esedra”, filled with comfortable sittings, a special space dedicated to welcoming guests and having long conversations. By taking the name “Edra”, the Italian company associates its mission with offering the best sittings ever, uniting technology with comfort, and creating elegant and timeless products we can enjoy every day.

The author of the sofa Standard is an artist and a designer, the master Francesco Binfaré, born in Milan in1939. In the sixties, he began to work for the famous Italian producer Cassina, researching new materials and the latest technology aiming to create innovative products. In his career, he signed many important projects, especially dedicating his work to sittings. In 1992, he starts collaborating with Edra, for whom will create several successful designs, including the model Standard.


While developing this product, the focus was put on comfort. That kind of comfort we need every day, where we can lay down in the most comfortable position to read a book or watch tv or take a Sunday nap. Standard was born using advanced technology, becoming the most exclusive and highly flexible, capable of adapting to any kind of use. The key element here is the “Smart Cushion”, a technological and innovative product, used as the backrest and armrest. Special joints are hidden inside to form the supporting element, allowing you to effortlessly shape the cushion as you please: can be pulled up or down, keep it in a vertical position or horizontally, or oblique at any angle, it can take the position that is most suitable to the purpose at that time. Moreover, this model has flexible elements, therefore, can be switched at any time, making it possible to create compositions of any shape, from linear to angular and free-standing. Technology and functionality are united to give relaxation.


The inside structure is made of metal, offering stability, while the upholstering is made of another innovative material named Gellyfoam®, a patented next-generation foam, a special formula that combines softness with support. Underneath are positioned small feet in ABS to ensure adhesion to flooring and avoid slipping.

The production company EDRA is very diligent in all details, including coverings. Therefore, selecting with care the type of materials for each of the models, to emphasize its tactile caracteristics and technological advantages at best. For example, STANDARD is mostly proposed in velvety fabrics, soft and cozy, as the structure itself.

Thanks to its unique design and distinctive personality, sofa Standard has conquered the world! We can often encounter it exposed in the most prestigious hotels, villas, and museums, but also chosen as the protagonist in TV Series (most recently, remembering the Netflix TV Serie “Devils”, second season, 2022).

Finally, I invite you to see more details about this very particular sofa directly on the website of the producer company .

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