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Like many success stories we’ve heard before, FLEXFORM started as a family business in the sixties, in the Brianza manufacturing district, in the Northern part of Italy.

This region has a rich history of being a concentration of great artisan manufacturers of padded furniture since the early 1900s. Moreover, being very close to Milano city, it had access to the best creatives from the industry, collaborating with many architects, designers, and artists, and being able to create industrial designs using innovative materials way ahead of the rest of the world.

It all started in 1959 when the Galimberti brothers opened an artisan workshop, called “Flexform di Galimberti”, which specialized in the production of upholstered sofas and armchairs. In the following years, their furniture pieces were present inside the most prestigious villas and historical palaces from Milano to Lake Como, becoming a well‐known name in the industry.

The next generation, their children, transformed the artisanal workshop into an industry for design, and with it, in 1967 the company is listed on the stock exchange as a joint stock company. Starts a new era, a period very rich in collaborations with great architects of the moment, such as Joe Colombo, Cini Boeri, Rodolfo Bonetto, Asnago‐Vender, and others. However, one among all, a special call deserves Antonio Citterio, with whom Flexform will work for over forty years until the present day. Moreover, it was the right moment to abandon the old‐fashioned traditional look and embrace a modern and original style. The new look of their products, more sober and clean, receives great feedback on different markets, but especially loved in Germanic countries from Europe, and step‐by‐step, concurring overseas markets, arriving in America, Asia, and Australia.

The entire production is manufactured at Meda and locally sourced, starting from the design concept to the finished product. Flexform products are certified and guaranteed 100% Made in Italy! Safeguarding the Made in Italy reputation is extended to the suppliers of raw materials, such as leathers, fabrics, woods, metallic parts, and upholstering, all must meet the highest standards. Especially because Flexform is known around the world for its sofas with generous cushions, filled with selected feathers and down, which are of guaranteed and certified “Gold” origin by Assopiuma Association.

There is global respect and appreciation for Italian design and manufacturing quality, images expressing a certain lifestyle, and aesthetic appeal. Discretely the sophisticated style of Flexform products embodies a beauty that will never go out of style!

2 produzione

Keeping the design at its heart, the style is in continuous evolution, presenting every year new pieces signed by refined elegance and modern comfort. Although the core business is the production of sofas, making Flexform internationally renowned for its living room collections, the range of products is extended to the dining room, bedroom, and also outdoor areas.

The company’s aesthetic language is better expressed through the concept of “discreet elegance”, uniting essential shapes with soft materials. It’s about good taste and balance. Could be compared to a tailored garment: simple cuts, structured silhouette, made of best quality materials, and refined in the smallest details. A fashion that never goes out of fashion. Offering tactile and visual comfort becomes a true masterpiece of emotional well‐being! Will make anyone feel secure, welcomed, and relaxed, just like it has to be at home.

3 prodotti

Effortless Style accurately describes the essence of Flexform collections. Understated pieces, balanced ambients, relaxed, with few accent colors, where are governing natural fabrics in linen and cotton in soft ivory, sand, warm greys, and mélange, along with leathers in shades of cowhide, tobacco, honey and dove gray, mixed with metals in burnished or champagne finish. The overall effect is an inviting visual and tactile comfort that puts everyone at ease.

In Flexform, a sofa is a protagonist, yet always surrounded by a team of great supporters: armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, and ottomans. A contemporary lifestyle is requiring multi‐tasking: sometimes a sofa is a playground for playing, reading, or watching tv, while other times, it is the working station for your laptop or the dining area for your supper.

4 set prodtti

From its birth, over forty years ago, until today, Flexform collaborated with many generations of great product designers, among the most famous ones we can name Cini Boeri, Asnago‐Vender, Joe Colombo, Paolo Nava, Sergio Asti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Gigi Radice, Guido Rosati, Carlo Colombo, Giulio Manzoni, Daniel Libeskind, Gabrielle and Oscar Buratti, Christophe Pillet, and, of course, Antonio Citterio.

1/ Antonio Citterio was born in 1950 in Meda, Italy. He received his Architecture degree from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Won more than once the prestigious Compasso d’Oro award. He is a very important figure to many producer companies, being the art director. For Flexform, he designed several collections of great success, some becoming indisputable best‐sellers of the brand.

These are some of the most recent products designed by himself:

‐ One of the top best‐sellers is the innovative sofa Groundpiece (2001). It has a deconstructed line with new proportions, with low and deep sitting, designed to be more relaxed and casual. Moreover, the design was meant to offer the utmost personalization of the padded elements, which can be crafted in goose down, in the premium version, or dacron, in the standard version. Furthermore, the Groundpiece introduced a new dimension to the way the sofa is used, adding new functions and redesigning the armrest, which can be padded, or can take the function of a side table by adding a cowhide‐clad metal console or even become a small library to hold objects.

5 1 Groundpiece

‐ Another great sofa is the model Soft Dream (2010), designed to favor relaxation. It looks lightweight, rising above the floor on slim cast‐metal grey or bronze painted feet, also available in satin, chrome, burnished, champagne, or black chrome finish. Resting on the cowhide‐upholstered metal base are positioned the soft, generously‐filled goose‐down seat and back cushions. The armrest is available high or low, and there is a doubled depth for the sitting – 94 cm for the “Soft Dream” version and 110 cm for the “Soft Dream Large” version.

5 2 Doft Dream

‐ At last, one of my favorites is the table Soffio (2015) with a rigorous architectural stature. The flat metal legs, recalling a “boomerang”, emphasize the design. It looks solid and lightweight. The table Soffio accentuates the contrast between the lightness of the metal base – available in satin, chrome, burnished, black chrome, or champagne finish – and the sleek rectangular top, available in Canaletto walnut or ash, stained in a different color, or luxurious marble Carrara White, Calacatta Gold, Emperador Dark or Black Marquinia.

5 3 Soffio

2/ Carlo Colombo is another famous architect working with Flexform. He is considered one of the most important Italian architects and designers, winning several prestigious international awards, such as Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and more than once, the International Design Award. For Flexform he designed different products, and in 2013 he presented the table Clarke, the chair Isabel, and the sofa Edmond.

5 4 Carlo Colombo

3/ Among the most recent partnerships we find the great artist and architect of French origins Christophe Pillet, who signs in 2020 for Flexform the chairs Echoes and First Steps and console Any Day. He has received many international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Wallpaper Design Award, and the Prix d’Excellence. Born in Montargis, France in 1959, Christophe Pillet lives and works in Paris. He worked with prominent fashion and design brands, his projects have a recognizable flair, a fusion of functionality and sensuality.

5 5 Pillet

Laying down on a Flexform sofa you start feeling cuddles, protection, and relaxation. The Italian brand is continuing its mission, providing products for homes of high‐quality standards and elegant beauty, increasing the well‐being of people living a contemporary lifestyle.

Indeed, in modern society, there is an increased number of wealthy persons luxe‐immune, and refined, wanting to be surrounded by beautiful things, without ostentation and pretentiousness. Choose a few pieces, but very curated. This is the clientele of Flexform.

The company’s showroom is at Meda, in Medesi 2 street, opened to the public by appointment. Moreover, there are over 30 flagship stores around the world and hundreds of official dealers with constant expositions, in Italy and abroad. In the meantime, you can see all models on the website of the producer company

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