Design Objects - mirror Ultrafragola (1970) - the Influencer’s choice of 2021 on IG

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Its first appearance on the Instagram was made before, but particularly in 2020-2021 this design object reached a huge popularity, mostly during different lock-down periods and hanks to fashion influencers, who shared many looks in different occasions in front of this particular mirror tall almost two meters with lightening frame

It is called Ultrafragola, the mirror with a wavy frame made of white acrylic, offering neon pink light. It was designed by Ettore Sottsass Jr for the Italian brand Poltronova in 1970.

This mirror was presented for the first time in 1970 during the Third edition of Eurodomus, as part of a collection named “Grey Furnishings”, a set of furniture pieces for a bedroom and a living room insipired by the romance “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carrol; thought, only this mirror was put into production line and was continuously released until the present day.

The mirror is graciously playing with curves (reminding the wavy long hair of a young girl), innovative materials (acrylic) and colors (grey when the light is off and neon pink when the light is on).

After fifty years of design, this object is loved today more than ever, appreciated for being more than a timeless design object, but because of its iconic sculptural shape and majestic presence, transforming it into a protagonist of the interior design spaces.

Today it is featured in so many places, from 5-star hotels to covers of the most popular magazines and IG accounts, from Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk to Leonie Hanne, and more.

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