Design Objects - sofa Camaleonda (1970) - the most popular design item of 2021 on IG

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One of the most famous and recognizable sofas on the Instagram platform from 2021, a must-have design icon in the house of top Influencers, became the sofa CAMELEONDA designed by the Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini in 1970, made in Italy by the producer company B&B Italia.

Looking on the social platforms you will often meet Camaleonda in the houses/apartments of fashion influencers and not only; sometimes it has beautiful coverings in smooth natural leather, other times it is more playful in different fabrics, but it is always recognizable thanks to its voluptuous forms and unique capitonnè design using cables, hooks, and rigs.

The Camaleonda sofa we find today is a revised version of the original model designed in 1970, which became an international design icon. The new version has kept the aesthetics and the basic elements as originally designed: the sitting module 90x90 cm, the backrest cushion, and the armrest, along with the characteristic capitonnè design applied to all elements (using cables, hooks, and rings). Internally were applied some important changes to upgrade the comfortability level but also make it a sustainable product. Now, to build the core of each element are using wooden panels and the upholstering is made with different layers of polyurethane foam of various density and firmness; this way, each element is made of layers, like a sandwich, with easily disassembled parts of recycled or recyclable materials.


Thanks to perfectly geometrical forms of all the elements and the original concept of uniting them with simply using tie-roads, hooks, and rings, a composition can get unlimited forms and dimensions, where modules can be unhooked and recombined at any time as desired, and as the ambient requires.

The unique identity of Camaleonda made it not only a trend, but it also became a must-have object, a desired piece for the most passionate design lovers around the world!

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