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Exquisite, Erotic, Extravagant! That is how I would describe the holland company MOOOI.

All products included in the catalogue of this company have a strong DNA, beholding three main characteristics I’ve described above: exquisite design, erotic appeal, and extravagant shapes. It is a well-curated collection of lighting, furniture and accessories that expands the meaning of eclectic and sophisticated design for everyday interiors, defined by strong personality, creativity, and beauty.

When Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers started MOOOI in 2001, they promised to create a legendary brand. After two decades of successful activity, MOOOI is still inspiring and breathtaking, creating innovative designs. The name “Mooi”, by the way, in translation from Dutch means “beautiful”, and the extra “o” in the name emphasizes the “very beautiful” meaning and uniqueness.

What I also love and appreciate about this brand is that they were among the first in the industry to promote and share inclusivity and body positivity, with dignity and respect towards different age, nationality, and race. One of the best campaigns around the world was made with models of different age, nationality, and race. F A B U L O U S !


MOOOI chooses to collaborate with most innovative and creative artists, some of the best avant-garde designers internationally recognized, among whom we have first and foremost Marcel Wanders, the Art Director of the brand, along with Bertjan Pot, Studio Job, Jasper Morrison, FRONT, Ron Gilad, Lorenza Bozzoli, Maarten Baas, Neri & Hu, Huand many other.

My TOP 3 favorite items from the current Collection 2021-2022:

  1. The HERACLEUM II Suspended LAMP, designed by Bertjan Pot (2010) – Inspired by the blossoming of the flowering plant by the same name, with white leaves and branches in three different finishing (copper, nickel, and varnished white).

SIZE: Ø72 h53 cm / Ø98 h65 cm

1 Heracleum II 

  1. The RABBIT lamp, designed by FRONT (2006) – A lighting object for animal lovers and design enthusiasts! And, it is part of a larger collection composed of three design objects, including a very unique and unusual life-sized HORSE lamp and the PIG table.

The Rabbit lamp is made from viscose laminate on metal frame shade with a closed top and a polyester rabbit figure. The black shade reflects light downwards on the base, creating the impression of warm dense fur.

SIZE: Ø29 h54 cm

 2 collection

The HORSE floor lamp is made of PVC viscose laminate shade, a metal frame structure and polyester horse figure.

SIZE: length 230 h240 cm, lampshade Ø50 cm


The PIG table is made of polyester, while the top is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, color black.

SIZE: 167x60 h77 cm, top table Ø60 cm

  1. The CHESS table, designed by FRONT (2009) – I would introduce this object in the interiors of every chess lover! And, between me and you, I shall confess that in my family I have, so far, two chess lovers – one is my father and the other one is my brother. So, to you my men, I would dedicate an area with this chess table and two comfortable chairs to play in style “the queen’s gambit”!

The Chess table is made of wood with internal steel frame, finished in high gloss lacquer with MDF top.

SIZE: 40x40 h60 cm

3 Chess table

With my best wishes,


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