Black Magic - color scheme

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Black, white, and red, wisely balanced, can create a dramatic and glamour atmosphere.

Without any doubt, BLACK returned to be in trend, or maybe, it has never left … For an interior decoration color scheme, black is decisive, profound, dramatic and signs its presence without any compromise. At the same time, if we introduce PURE WHITE, or even better, MILKY WHITE to contrast the blackness, and intensify with a beautiful RED, in cool tone (if added to pure white) and a warmer tone (if accosted to milky while), the union between these three colors will be spectacular!

In this gaudy color scheme, all wanders around the black (RAL 9011 Graphite Black), which will be enlightened by the presence of white (RAL 9010 Pure White) on inserts, doors and windows. This achromatic and minimalistic scheme will change the look and warm up when receiving a dose of red (RAL 3003 Rubby Red) and smooth out when adding just a pinch of light grey (RAL 7038 Agate Grey).

To have an intense glamour appeal, keeping a neutral color scheme without variations, we can make the flooring in grey marble using Bardiglio Nuvolato or For di Bosco; while if we prefer to create a deeper and more intense atmosphere, then go for a deep brown marble, such as Emperador Dark. I would not advise choosing black marbles, like Nero Marquina or Sahara Noir, to avoid getting an interior that will be too obscure, recalling a catacomb.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a soft flooring, I suggest looking for a big carpet in neutral tones of grey or white, while a woven moquette with stripes will be great on brown, white-grey or white-black tones.

To intensify and bring more brilliance to the composition, I would go for red curtains or in black with relief white geometry. It is always a win mixing different surfaces: for upholstery items choose some soft velvety and some rubber textures, for furnishings choose some in glossy lacquer and other in matt. Feel free to experiment and diversify the ambient to get a balanced interior where the eye will love to travel around with interest and curiosity.

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