17 Design Objects from SELETTI

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Would you like to SURPRISE your guests, friends, and family with somethings breathtaking, unique, and unusual? The Italian producer SELETTI might have for you just what you are looking for!

Let me share a small selection of the articles I loved and tell you some details and interesting facts:

1/ WONDER lamp – Can you imagine a serious Roman soldier chewing gum and making out of it balls? Even the idea of it is hilarious! Well, Seletti transformed this idea into a design table lamp, making it from resin and glass, available on www.seletti.it for 259,00 .


2/ CUPOLONE QUARANTACINQUE ceiling lamp - Do you love majestic constructions? What about one of the icons of the eternal city of Vatican? The art and beauty of our culture in a mix of craftsmanship and technology that you can have now under the shape of a ceiling chandelier. It is available in different sizes, colored Black or White. On www.seletti.it Ø45 cm for 579,00 €.


3/ CUJO THE CAT lamp - What is your relationship with cats? What about black cats? Are you superstitious? Do you believe that a black cat is a bad luck? Seletti thinks it may bring good luck, and they transformed it into a decorative lamp. Rechargeable, statuary, and iridescent eyes. On www.seletti.it  for 390,00 .


4/ HEART lamp – Do you know how our human heart is made? Would you like to know? Would you keep at sight an original and anatomically impeccable made human heart? This lamp is made of white porcelain with a touch of unfailing hyper-realism, size 22 x 11 h32 cm, on www.seletti.it for 149,00 €.


5/ CANOPIE Serie – Looking for a beautiful set of vases? Designed by Elena Cutolo for Seletti, the two-in-one vases are keeping their secrets and treasures well hidden in themselves. Canopie women meet and greet in a multicultural embrace. Presented in five different color motifs and sizes, you can find them on www.seletti.it at 119,00 €.


6/ HOT DOG sofa – Are you a hot-dog fan? Seletti created this sofa for you to enjoy, with three decorative vegetable cushions (optional). Crazy, colorful, soft, and with meticulous attention to detail. Fast food furniture made in Italy. On www.seletti.it for 4.900,00 €.


7/ BANANA lamp – Seletti declares: “the most loved fruit makes your night brighter”! But to me, this object seems more like an erotic connotation for a man’s treasure… Viciously said? Yeee… Well, it is at sale on www.seletti.it for 149,00 €.


8/ MONKEY lamp – Exotic, funny, and with a strong theatrical impact. Art, design, and the world of nature blend together creating unique decorative objects. It will be a great piece in kid’s bedrooms, but also on terraces and gardens. A crazy and crafty family of monkey lamps you will find on the web site www.seletti.it for around 300,00 €.


9/ BIRD lamp – Would you like the idea of bringing some gothic atmosphere in the house or your garden? Emerge into a fairy tale. These quirky birds are made from resin in two color variations, designed by Marcantonio in three different poses. On the web site www.seletti.it from 129,00 € to 169,00 €.


10/ TONGUE LED lamp – Looking for a Pop Art object? What about this one? A led wall lamp with a catchy design, that Seletti is proposing in the version Mouth, Tongue, and Heart. On www.seletti.it for 264,00 €.


11/ MIRROR GOLD FRAME TWO OF SPADES – How much do you appreciate art? Would you consider this mirror an art piece or a vulgar expression of erotic pose?! Available in two sizes, made of glass, MDF covered by hand with brass foil. It will give a flirty touch to your wall. On www.seletti.it website for 269,00 €.


12/ TABLE LAMP TWO OF SPADES – And if you have appreciated a lo the graphic of the “two of spades”, you can pick a table lamp with the same 60’s atmosphere, part of the collection Toiletpaper. This table lamp is made of glass, porcelain, and metal parts. On www.seletti.it website for 299,00 €.


13/ HIGH STOOL REVOLVER – The coolest seat ever! A beautiful upholstery in rich Scarlett red with a bold graphic Far West breeze. On www.seletti.it website for 590,00 €.


14/ STREET LAMP DESK RED – “A perfect desk lamp for your late-night study sessions, or just to stay there, looking at you doing whatever you like the most” - words written by Seletti itself. Available in many different colors on www.seletti.it for 349,00 €.


15/ WHY ME? soap bar – Do you appreciate some black humor? Would you appreciate to receive as a gift a soap, meaning very personal (when it comes to personal hygiene) and as unexpected (by design and name) like this one? )) Seletti has created something unique and made it smell like sandalwood and myrth. Now on sales on www.seletti.it for 9,00 €.


16/ MOUSE LAMP GREY STEP – If this 2020 was not enough, and you-d like to keep the Mouse for some other time in your life, you might like these nice mice holding colorful led bulbs. Now on sales on www.seletti.it at 55,00 € each.


17/ LOVE IS A VERB SPOONS - I left the best at least…or as Romans used to say “dulcis in fundo” (latin). A resin sculpture to remind us of the human relationships, the most intimate moment one person can live and joy. Designed by Tatiana Brodatch (un’artista russa originaria di Mosca ma milanese d’adozione) for Seletti www.seletti.it at 159,00 €.


By the way, this post is NOT SPONSORED. I make these kinds of selections out of fun and for sharing the creativity of great designers, to inspire and give decorative ideas. Some articles I share to talk about are very creative, unusual, sometimes near the edge of craziness, but I find them inspiring and diverting! This is ART. Some of them you may like, some other - not so much.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as they say, so you are free to interpret beauty as you desire. There are no limitations or rules when it comes to ART, and DESIGN is a sector closely related to it.

Best wishes,


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