FENG SHUI - How to potentiate the sector of Helpful People

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One of the sectors that are highly protected is the Sector of Helpful People and Friends. This sector is responsible for bringing many useful alliances to life. Having the support and help of powerful and influential people is an absolute need for reaching success.

In our modern world, we learn to rely mostly on ourselves. But as more useful friends we have, the more support we can get. And that is a fact! We need to learn how to create good relationships with surrounding society: we depend on our partners, clients, teachers, local and national authority. And there is a positive side to this aspect. We regularly interact with other people, work for people, and gain profits because of the services and products we offer to people. So, curating this sector's potential is of significant importance to every one of us, no matter what type of activity we do for a living or in what part of the world we are.

Ancients believed that a person could be completely fulfilled and happy if he has many friends, if people reach him, and can count on influential people's support. These aspects are considered an integral part of success and good luck. Gaining such consent is not that easy. How can we succeed in this? What is the secret?

There is no secret. Just help the people you can, and the fortune (procreative energy) will exchange you back. This does not mean that everything you do must have an interest or expect others to have selfish considerations. It requires minimum commitment: invite friends into your house for the company, visit your friends when invited, remember about birthdays and other important celebrations to congratulate. Live life as a gift you can share with others. Make new friends and stay true to your principles and beliefs, because no matter what these are, you will find your allies who will share the same values and ideas and will support your causes.

In Orient, people believe that a family, who is not receiving guests and generally is introverted and not welcoming, will lose the patronage of good faith. For this reason, they dedicate much attention to make the entrance of the house welcoming, outdoors and indoors, keep it clean and ordered. Your house can say a lot about you: the absence of your name on the doorbell, no doormat, lousy lighting, no bench/sitting inside to sit changing shoes comfortably, all these signs suggests you are not welcoming your guests, and that you did not care about their comfort. It may seem insignificant, but these details indirectly influence a human’s perception of comfort. And everything related to your guests' comfortability will directly affect the “support” you will receive. Remember that having the ability to socialize and welcome other people into your lives is an integral characteristic of a successful and happy person. 

How can Feng Shui of the house contribute to improving interpersonal relations, which seems to depend entirely on the owners' character? The overall condition of the house can influence a lot on the well-being of the patrons and the guests. Did it happen to enter someone’s house and feel welcoming, while arriving at another feel uncomfortably remote and wanting immediately to escape? These feelings may occur at the very entrance, in the hall of the house. Here is essential to pay attention to the area of “support,” which usually is located on the right side of the entrance. Positioning a bench or an armchair to invite your guests “to rest after a long walk” is a sign of welcoming. Even better, if nearby, you could position a small table or some shelves where to put the bag and outerwear accessories like hats, gloves, an umbrella, etc. However, if your entrance/hall is too small to accommodate a guest, then make your living room a welcoming area for conversation and relaxation. 

Another essential aspect of the entrance/hall is lighting. The area must be well enlightened to see the surroundings well, but at the same time, not too bright, that can make uncomfortable new guests and even disturb the sight. You could arrange to have a brilliant chandelier offering good illumination and some applique on walls that need more sublime and soft lighting. 

In the living room, it is essential to create areas for conversation, positioning sofas and armchairs to see each other while sitting. The sector of Helpful People is located on North-West and is related to number six. This part of the house will be perfect to position the living room, dining room, or kitchen. 

To activate this sector's energy will help images/pictures of people supporting your causes and help achieve your dreams, like family members and people you admire and respect, like your teachers from university, business partners, top managers, politicians, etc. 

If you are a believer in God/Allah/Buddha or another deity, you could position here an altar (always on support, never directly on the ground) with sculptures and icons. In China, you may often see in this area the Trinity of gods: Fuk the god of happiness, Luk the god of wealth, and Sau the god of longevity. 

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