FENG SHUI - How to potentiate the sector of Wisdom

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In our modern world, knowledge, skills, and talents rule the world and creates the most significant opportunities in life! Since ancient times, parents wanted more meaningful opportunities for their children, sent them to the best schools they could afford, taught them literature and mathematics, studied art and geography, and learned geometry and medicine. An important role has the quality of teaching and the number of studied materials: various studies will provide a large scale of knowledge and enable a young brain to think broader and more complex. The more kids learn from an early age, the more potential they develop less time and with minor efforts. Afterward, a grown-up person who will develop the ability to use all the accumulated knowledge will have the best chances in file with maximum results in any field they desire to work.

Moreover, it often matters not only the knowledge itself but also the name of the institution’s prestige: a diploma from the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard are by themselves a brand and a guarantee for excellence and professionalism. The best students worldwide applied for scholarships and paid tuition positions in these universities first. Simultaneously, the most significant international companies look for premium workers among graduate students at these universities. Moreover, it is no secret that specific environments give privileges, positioning to a certain level in the society, opening doors, and creating a perspective path.

Although our high-competitive marketplace, relations, money, and good luck play a significant role, it will help up to a certain point. At the same time, further progress is possible only if possessing knowledge, specific skills, and abilities – these will form the foundation on which it is possible to build a lifetime career and success. These are so many big names that reached incredible success based on their skills and know-how, without even getting into a university and having no degree at all. 

Knowledge, skills, and talents form that perfect set of valuable assets that no one can steal or take away from you. The winning competence, above all, is the ability to analyze, think, and correctly use the information acquired. 

How can we use Feng Shui practices to increase the probabilities of receiving useful knowledge and competence or influencing kids to study more and learn better? Of course, just adjusting some details will not transform an “F” - student into an “A” - student but will definitely help improve the situation.

Above all, so that children can study successfully, they must have a correct sleep regime, an everyday healthy diet and physical exercise, and a balanced distribution between free time to play and time to study. Furthermore, remember that all the objects surrounding a child directly influence his activity, concentration, predisposition, energy level, and favor some activities. That is why Feng Shui in the bedroom and in the studying area are the most important to observe. No talismans will help if the overall planning of these two zones is not correctly distributed. 

To start with, the bed must be positioned to see the entrance door when lying down. Another common mistake, particularly in kids’ bedrooms, that must be avoided is the positioning of heavy objects above the bed (usually shelves or units filled with books, toys, etc.). Often these units serve because of the lack of space, but it can often be seen in big rooms too; mainly, it is the habit to keep things nearby. But what we often forget is that the bed area must have one purpose only (regarding kids), and it is to relax and to sleep, not to entertain or play. So, the area around the bed must be kept clear and free of heavy objects. This way, the energy Qi will circulate without any obstacles. 

The same principle is valid for the area above the study desk – it must be kept clean and free of clustery. Do not position anything big and bulky above the desk or by its sides. The desk shall be oriented to see the entrance door while sitting. If it is oriented to sit with the back, then behind will remain free space, creating a feeling of emptiness and insecurity. Moreover, sitting in front of the wall, it makes the feeling of a deadlock, the lack of inspiration and creativity. If, however, no other positioning is possible, fill the free space on the wall with something that will help get the attention and curiosity for studying. Also, to avoid scattering the attention, it is not advisable to front the desk near a window. Keep all the studying requisites available at the desk to facilitate studying without distraction. The desk's best positioning will be sitting with the rear next to the wall facing the desk towards the room and the entrance door (just not in front of the door, but aside). This way, your child will feel the backside safe (the wall) and feel responsible for the room (having the vision of the entire room). 

If possible, create separate zones for sleeping, studying, and playing, apart from one from another. Good sleep requires the passive Yin energy while playing and learning is needed the active Yang energy. Keep all toys in the game zone, while all clothes in the bedroom (sleeping area). 

Most kids receive a different kind of awards, medals, diplomas, and it will be great to create a place where to them, like a corner of academy awards to continue motivating for success. The important aspect is that awards must be recent (from the last one or two years at max), and secondly, they must be kept in sight but not straightforward, like on the back wall or on a lateral shelve, if possible, on the west side of the room. Very favorable will also be keeping here photos taken when receiving these important awards/diplomas/medals. Do not exaggerate; expose some at a time, not a dozen altogether. 

More in-depth about the Sector of Wisdom. According to the compass school, the area responsible for gaining knowledge, good studies, and successfully passing the exams is in the direction of North-East. According to the Lo-Shu quadrant is number eightEarth's element governs this direction, so images of a big mountain and mountain landscapes will help potentiate this area. Moreover, in raw state or polished, natural rocks and crystals also carry the earth's energy and will potentiate this sector. Very important to keep them clean, so periodically immerse them in a container filled with water and keep them for the entire night. The best time is during the full moon. This way, they will charge with new clean, and powerful energy. In the summertime, you could expose the same rocks and crystal to direct sun recharging with fire energy. 

It will be auspicious to place the kid’s bedroomshome office, or home library here. In the North-East direction, a kid’s bedroom will be the right place for the desk, a library with encyclopedias, a globe or a World map. All these symbols will activate the study area and bring potential energy for accumulating more knowledge and wisdom. 

Knowledge and wisdom can be accrued with hard work, constant study, self-discipline, and perseverance. Potentiating this area is very important, but what will bring you to success is investing as much time as you can in studying and developing your best abilities.

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