FENG SHUI - How to potentiate the sector of Fame&Reputation

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One of the best sectors to experiment with is the Sector of Fame. On a larger scale, this sector is responsible for Reputation, Recognition, and Inspiration.

The good name and reputation worth its weight in gold, and that are since ancient times. Some sectors, like commerce, business, politics, show-business, and public people, where recognition of their talents and merits, are vital elements – it guarantees success and prosperity. For many persons, fame is not the final target, but necessary to build a business, find new opportunities, increase sales, and make new revenues. Honor, respect, authority, and gossip, rumors, defamation – all these concepts relate to the sector of Fame.

In Feng Shui, a good name and reputation is a high value by itself. In our modern society, although we might have the illusion of being independent and free, we still depend a lot on other’s people opinions. That is why we try to follow certain standards, rules and maintain a good relationship with our colleagues, bosses, partners, clients, friends, and family.

How can we potentiate the Sector of Fame & Reputation? This area is submitted on the Southside of our home. If in this part of the house rules chaos and disorder, you might be surrounded by unwanted rumors and gossip. So, before everything else, clean this space and place things in order. 

The south is a perfect place for the living roomdining roomhome office, or a winter garden/terrace/greenhouse. You could place here as a symbol the image/photo of a person who’s fame and reputation you would desire for yourself or the image of that prestigious award you would like to achieve in life. This sector has also named the Sector of Inspirations, so it is most appropriate to hold inspiring images for your career and life goals. Actors may keep an Oscar statuette, musicians – a Grammy award, politicians a Nobel prize, athletes an Olympic medal, etc. 

The Fire element governs this sector. Like fire, a good name must be maintained, always kept alive. It is opportune to place everything associated with fire: a fireplace, bright lighting, a lantern, candles, etc. At the same time, take away from this are all objects holding the element of water: aquariums, fountains, waterfalls, images of lakes, rivers, oceans.

An excellent way to potentiate this area would be to keep nine candles and lighten as often as possible. A beautiful bright floor lamp would also be convenient. You could also decorate this area with red – the color of fire. 

One of the best symbols for this area is a crimson Fenix – symbolizing immortality, rebirth, and positively influencing everything related to the southern direction. Place a statue or an image of a Fenix and enlighten it. Chinese artists often illustrate this bird on vases, textiles, carpets, and different decorative objects. You could replace a Fenix with other colorful feathering birds, like a blue peacock, a rooster, a toucan, a parrot, etc. 

Another beautiful symbol of the Sun representing fame is the palm tree. In Greece, the palm was Apollon's symbol and was given only to the winners during the Olympic games. The image or an artificial plant will maintain the symbolic meaning. 

Working on the Sector of Fame, do not forget about the Sector of Power and the Sector of Creativity/Knowledge because fame by itself can survive for a short time.  

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