Design Objects - Dining table Marcuso (1968)

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The glass top and stainless steel legs make the elegant lines of this dining table Marcuso a cult piece of furnishing. 

To make it possible, the producer needed to do complex technological research. Although the design of a table made of glass and metal was previously made, the experimentation and research were never concluded. Observing the opening of a ventilation system in a car, Marco Zanuso had the inspiration to create a table made of glass and steel, without a massive structure. 

After almost two years of research, in collaboration with Zanota, they patented a method of visible gluing that will hold these two materials firmly. The final result is a glass surface giving the illusion of being placed on steel legs when, on fact, these are screwed to the structure through some steel discs. 

The technological result of the table Marcuso was authentic news for the Sixties and its production in series made of it an immediate commercial success. It is often compared to a modern architectural building: this one is also made of steel and glass, exposing its structure and construction. These qualities guaranteed that from 1971 until today, this table is produced by the Italian company Zanota.

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