Design Objects - Table Fontana (1932)

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Glass has always occupied a central place in the work of Fontana Arte; the Italian company specialized in the production of furnishings and lighting. This principle is applied to the glass table Fontana, a creation of Pietro Chiesa from 1932.

The Creative Director of the company, Mr. Chiesa, is fascinated by the properties of this material: fluidity, malleable, and versatile. He designed a series of furnishings, lamps, and other decorative objects, where the glass was the main element, using different techniques for cutting, grinding, and sharpen. The table Fontana in clay mold is one of his first creations: a discrete and extreme pure beauty, made of a unique glass plate in thickness 15 mm. 

The process of folding such a glass piece requires an extraordinary engineering capacity and technical skills, especially considering that some articles arrive to measure 1,4 meters in length and 70 centimeters in depth. Since this table was first presented at the Bari Fair in 1934, this minimalistic, elegant creation has maintained its original form and became a fascinated and timeless piece of design.

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