Design Objects - Lamp Standard (1953)

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The lamp Standard is made of metal varnished black with shades painted white on the inside and a reflector in aluminum. Besides reflecting light, this lamp has an organic shape and erotic illusions inspired by the Surrealism movement.

The lampshades have the form of a woman’s breast, and it is the characteristic of Mouille, who studied for being a blacksmith in Paris before opening his study. There he met many architects and designers. Among them were Jean Prouvé and Louis Sognot. Jacques Adnet, director of the decorative arts company “des Arts Français di Süe e Mare”, has commissioned the design of the Standard lamp in 1953.

Since they were using old type metallic structure and angled lampshades inspired by natural forms, the lamps of Mouille were suited ideally to the organic language of Modernism. Although this model was never sold in significant numbers, these lamps of Mouille played an essential role in the French Afterwar history of design. 

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