Design Objects - Folding Chair Tripolina (about 1855)

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An absolute icon among folding chairs, Tripolina was designed by Joseph Beverly Fenby in Great Britain around 1855 for the officers employed in the British army, a model that he patented latter in 1877. It has a practical and straightforward aspect that offers a modern look and rare among sittings from the Nineteenth Century, which is intended to be the most privileged classes. 

This “modern spirit” arrives without any doubts from two essential requisites on the battlefield: a lightweight and durable structure, qualities that sixty years later, allowed the production in series. 

A lighter version and more evolved, upholstered in leather instead of fabric, was produced in the Thirties in Italy under the name “Tripolina” by Gavina. To solve the low support on the folding structure X, the design of the structure required a more complex and tridimensional aspect, so the fabric or leather could be supported on all four angles.

Since 1955 this chair is produced by the Italian company Citterio

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