Design Objects - Chaise Longue LC4 (1928)

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The familiar profile of the Chaise Longue LC4, model B306, associated with high design by Le Corbusier, dates back to 1928. It has originated from a concept of functional and domestic furnishings (a “machine to live in”), the chaise longue LC4 gives excellent attention to ergonomics and flexibility, with an adjustable headrest and the liberty of positioning as liked the sitting on the base. 

This object, ensuring high comfortability, offers originality and progressive aesthetics, characteristics that influenced and concurred immediately the market of top design worldwide. Le Corbusier worked with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and the young designer Charlotte Perriand on projects using tubular steel. They were ultimately born the chaise longue LC4, the tilting chair LC1, and the armchair Grand Confort LC2.

The Italian producer Cassina has requested licensing its version of the chaise longue at the Counseling Perriand. The chaise longue that in some design environments has gained the nickname “Corb Chaice” is by now an unmistakable icon of the Twenties Century.

The price point at the public is ranging between 3.300 (in fabric) to 4.825 euros (in pony leather). 

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