Design Objects - Barcelona Chair (1929)

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This gracious chair was born when Ludwig Mies van der Rohe received the engagement to design the German fair pavilion for the International Exposition in Barcelona from 1929. To complement the vertical and horizontal lines of the building, covered with beautiful marble and had onyx walls, colorful glass, and chrome columns, Mies designed the chair Barcelona in a way to give an elevated and a not too solid structure to not interfere on the dynamics of the space.

He used a scissor frame on two curved feet made in chromed steel, similar to the Chinese ideograms, and connected the two sides to a crossbar fixed by bolts efficiently hidden under leather straps.

In 1964 the structure in chromed steel was substituted by polished stainless steel. Although initially, this sitting was not meant to be industrially produced, this cult design object was introduced in the offices of many prestigious buildings he designed. Not by chance, today, we see this item, particularly in the office buildings. Since 1948 until today, this armchair is realized in series by the producer company Knoll.

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