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The beauty in decorating spaces is that you get the opportunity to express yourself through a range of colors, shapes, styles, and textures. These are all instruments in the hands of an artisan who can use his knowledge, creativity, and imagination to shape a functional and pleasant living space for its inhabitants.

I love to play with colors, geometry, and finishes, often mixing them in the same space to create an atmosphere that will reflect at best the client’s character, lifestyle, and personal preferences. I mean, the living space, your home, will be the extended reflection of who you are. 

In some cases, when you have a beautiful piece of art, like this kind of internal door made in mosaic by SICIS, so expressive and unique, it gives you a significant advantage from the very beginning. Now, you can start to build all the rest in the house connecting it with this door, by colors, geometry, and finishing, and altogether will get the look of an expensive Presidential Suite of a five-stars hotel. You can bring, for example, a red sofa with white and purple pillows, some small coffee tables with a colorful marble top and high brass legs, an armchair upholstered in a geometry fabric. Create repetition and connect all the elements to play together gracefully and balanced, but never alike “tarantella” (chaotic), nor boring. 

Would you like such an art statement in your house? What art pieces do you like best: paintings, sculptures, a unique piece of furniture, or something else? Let me know in the comments.

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