Design Objects - Fixpencil 2 (1950)

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In 1924, Caran d’Ache was a small factory producing pencils in Geneve, Switzerland. Today its name is associated with high-quality instruments for drawings and arts.

Its reputation is well-deserved and is based on the constant process of introducing to the market innovative products, among which is the “hero” of today’s story, the Fixpencil. It was designed in 1950, and it was an upgraded version of the original product released in 1929. Although it was similar form the technical point of view, it also incorporated significant improvements, among which a slim hexagonal body entirely made in black metal that carries inside the pressure mechanism with the press button on the top.

Along with the acquisition in 1929 of a patented model of a mechanical jaw pencil with spring mechanism designed by Carlo Schmid, Caran d’Ache has created a reference point in this sector. The upgraded version of the Fixpencil 2 allowed a better control thanks to a lighter weight and a universal appreciation among its customers.

Afterward, Caran d’Ache continues to develop this model for mines in several other diameters, from 0.5 to 3 mm, releasing on the market even an economic version with the body made in plastic.

The Fixpencil 2 lives until today in our offices and homes, and it is exported in massive amounts all over the world.

Jodie Foster once said: “The one thing I wished that I had learned the first I started as a Film Director was that all I really needed was confidence, a pen, and a paper… The truth is that everything you have to know is inside of you, every decision-making process is instinctual, and as long as you have a pen and a paper to write it down, you get it.”

So, let us all get the best of the best, and live life enjoying many extraordinary #designobjects.

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