Indigo Jones - color scheme (cool)

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Ink blue and warm whites get together for a chic and classic color scheme

A warm white is perfect to balance the intensity of dark blues, bringing a warm base to these cold tones. You may use this color scheme for a living room, dining room, or even for the entrance. This combination is welcoming and relaxing. The cold blue eliminates the risk of too much femininity that details in gold, brass, and warm earthy leather colors bring to this overall masculine atmosphere. 

These intense royal blue colors, such as sapphire blue (RAL 5003) and brilliant blue (RAL 5007), creates a solid base color. Bring oyster white (RAL 1013) on the fixtures and some metallic details to calm down and transform the ambiance in a relaxed place you want to be. A tone of white or light grey will be a perfect combo for the walls and will become a great canvas for the colorful furnishings. 

In the dining room, where the horizontal space are covered with a beautiful parquet, marble or stone, you can paint the walls in sapphire blue, and insert a beautiful dining table with ‘Moon grey’ marble top that contrasts with smooth, plain metal in Titanium of the pyramid pedestal. Place some sittings around it in jacquard and caramel leather to smooth out the contrast. Add some interesting details, such as these graceful and structured handles in a bronze mosaic that will go perfectly on internal doors, cabinets, and other wall units. 

141id INTRO 1

For the relaxed angle, where usually stands a TV-console and some sittings, like sofas and armchairs, where the predominant color is indigo blue, you can choose one of the options: firstly, you can add golden objects and seductive sittings upholstered in vintage dark brown natural leather, or, secondly, you can choose to contrast with white and some bronze or brass details. The first option will bring you to a relaxed and cozy, more deep dark aristocratic mood. The second option will bring you a contemporary air, with some artdecò mix of geometry and high-end materials.

141id INTRO 2

For the houses with big open spaces, where the entrance opens immediately to the living rooms, there’s the need to balance the quantity and the intensity of the blue carefully. Here is the perfect place to implement several different textures, play with wallpaper, glossy painting, and rough concrete to get the visual and tactical feeling of the space. Moreover, bring decorative objects and furnishings in several different finishing: you may upholster sittings in soft, warm velvet or leather Nappa and place nearby some coffee tables with cold marble tops, mirrors and architectural light. 

141id INTRO 3

What do you think about this color scheme and pairing? Which is your preferred selection? Let me know in the comments below. 

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