Circular movements and flows - color scheme (neutral)

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Circular prints and flowing shapes add a humorous and classical note, while simple soft padding items completes this neutral scheme of retro style

Position some ivory limestone on the floor or use wooden parquet of a light tint maple tree; both options will inspire a neutral scheme with a touch of retro cheerfulness. Circular movements on the curtains, along with some rounded pillows on the sofa, will create an updated atmosphere of the Sixties. At the same time, the soft cream and grey used for the furnishings will place the entire interior on the vibe scheme of the Twenty-first Century.

Use a beige red (RAL 3012) to paint the walls and compliment the tones used on the curtains with circular movements and rounded pillows from the sofa. The light ivory (RAL 1015) will do great for the fixtures (windows and doors). A khaki grey (RAL 7008) and a signal grey (RAL 7004) are the best to accentuate the upholstery of an armchair and to be used on accessories.

The cotton curtains with circular prints and a retro vibe will complement the best with rounded pillows form in satin and the sofa upholstered in rough cotton. Insert an armchair with soft forms and cover it in natural leather to maintain the theme.

If you wish a soft flooring, though, I might suggest choosing for a velvety white moquette or a carpet with a long pile or sisal of pale tones.

Do you like this color scheme? Would you choose it for your home? Let me know in the comments.

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