Design Objects - Sofa Togo (1973)

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The beginning of the Seventies was a period of significant opportunities for the furniture designers thanks to the creation of new innovative materials.

Michael Ducaroy, Chief Design at the French company Ligne Roset, responded promptly with its audacious move and perfect timing and created the first sofa in the world made in polyurethane foam.

The three sitting sofa Togo is made entirely of Dacron, a polyester fiber, with no frame. The sofa is upholstered with a soft-padded removable cover, and it gets the form of most unexpected objects, making it look like a caterpillar or to a toothpaste. Ducaroy has played very well with quality materials, exceeding to create a pleasant enveloping mass where you get the desire to lay down for long hours and never go off.

The sofa Togo got such an exposition and popularity when presented at the Parisian Furniture Exposition in 1973, that Ducaroy and Ligne Roset have decided to create a series of complementary articles for this collection, among which were some “informal” armchairs and an angular element. In 1976 the line was enlarged with the addition of a transformable sofa bed with the flexible structure of a mattress, and in 1981 was attempted to integrate polyurethane foam into a form that is more compact than Togo.

Until today, the contemporary design of Togo is up to date and keeps its positions to be among the most desirable pieces in the decoration of our modern houses.

Have you seen this sofa around? It was placed in several movies, including in the waiting offices of some big international corporations.

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