Design Objects - Armchair I Feltri (1987)

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The armchair I FELTRI, made of wool felt, evokes a shaman throne in modern styles. Its base is made of polyester resin, while the upper body is soft and malleable, wraparound anyone who sits on it as a royal mantle.

Most projects under Gaetano Pesce are characterized using innovative materials, distinguished by the obsession to experiment and develop new production techniques, to create unique shapes and art pieces, to challenge the ordinary and known traditional objects.

The armchair I Feltri was presented for the first time by Cassina at the iSaloni Milano International Fair in 1987, part of the contextual project “Unequal suite” signed by Pesce. In this furnishing, the project included a wardrobe, a table, a modular sofa, and an armchair, different among them by style and aesthetics, but having in common a rustic aspect, tailored hand-made and “disobedient” to the current trends of those years.

Nowadays, the price for this armchair is proportional to the exquisite craft, and refined felt implied into its manufacturing process, being produces in several sizes, with a low and high backrest (public price range € 4.160 – 4.545).

Which is your favorite model? In what color combination? And where would you place an armchair like this: in the living room, your bedroom, on your terrace or some place else? Let me know in the comments.

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