Design Objects - Random Chandelier (1999-2002)

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The Random chandelier stands out to some essential must-have requisites of good design: it has a simple design and a complex manufacture structure. To say it all were necessary three years to develop the initial idea and shape it to the present aspect.

“Random” by name and, in fact, as its creator Bertjan Pot recounts: “Random just turn out one day.” All the materials he used to create this item were already present in his ateliers: resin, glass fiber, and balloons.

This chandelier is a classical hand-crafted design object made of high-tech materials: epoxy resin and fiberglass, chromed steel, and plastic. Emerged fiberglass into resin and wrapped it around a balloon, afterward removed it through a hole, and inserted the light bulb.

Marcel Wanders has introduced this chandelier to the illustrious Dutch producer Moooi, which just in the first two years were manufactured and sold over 2000 pieces. The play of light is particularly efficient thanks to the fact that it is made in three different sizes, with diameters of 50, 80, and 105 cm, in white or black colors, and can be fixed at different heights, by so creating stenographic presence.

Bertjan Pot became noticed along with another passionate designer Daniel White, both belonging to the same “Monkey Boys” group, which was founded in 1999; however, since 2003, he develops his work independently.

What do you think about this minimnalistic design? Would you love these lighting for your home? It would make an instant design statement. 

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