Design Objects - The Book Worm (1993)

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No one could imagine that a library may have a different aspect, besides a series of classical horizontally positioned shelves, until Ron Arad invented this alternative snake-shaped modular library. The already long-time famous designer had created in his London laboratory several unique pieces from recycled materials.

The Library Book Worm is the result of his many experiments working with steel plates. Kartell, is a pioneer company in Italy, took its immediate interest in this design already in 1994, and the next year was capable of mass-producing this article in several color solutions using extruded thermoplastic polymer, without compromising its resistance, stability, and functionality.

The positive reaction of the public allowed the producer company to release this article in many colors and several sizes, making it customized. Each element of this sinuous library is fixed to the wall and can hold up to 10 kg.

The Book Library has vastly conquered its space in our hearts and our homes and became an internationally recognizable icon of its times.



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