Design Objects - Elephant Stool (1954)

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In was at the end of the Second World War, an afterwar period market by the increased popularity for fiberglass at a commercial level, when Sori Yanagi took advantage and produced his first 100% plastic stool, designed for the exclusive laboratory purpose. It responded at two fundamental requisites: was lightweight and stackable.

It was the moment it was born the three-leg stool, which shape and design remind us of an elephant’s robust paw, and took the name after it. Yanagi explained once: “I do prefer gracious and rounded shapes; they give off human warmth.”

The first time it was put into production in 1954 by Kotobuki. However, in the most recent years, fiberglass was considered harmful for the ambient, and this reason, Vitra and Yanagi, have collaborated and created in 2004 a version of it made by injection-molded polypropylene.

This stool was one of the multiple works Yanagi was working with his meticulosity. To arrive at a complete drawing, he was first executing several detailed sketches and drawings. He is dedicated to perfection, which makes his products simple and great at use.

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