The joy of living - color scheme (warm)

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Instantly inject color in a room by adding some sweet shocking pink details

The elegance of a brilliant blue (RAL 5007) will stand out next to a neutral base color wall as a pinkish beige and the oyster-white (RAL 1013) fixtures, while some antique pink (RAL 3014) will add an unexpected touch of vivid color to warm up this color scheme. The result is a calm and serene color scheme for a LIVING ROOM, that incorporates creativeness and youthfulness, and speaks out through small doses of the right color tones and intensity. A natural cotton/linen curtains will define your windows and sustain the theme and the atmosphere of this interior. Upholster your sofa in a beige-grey chenille or leather nabuk to create some surface diversity. Stay away from “the beaten path” and use pink cotton fabric for the armchairs in the room. In the end, add some pillows covered with geometry or colorful birds in the same tonalities of pink and blue. 

Joie de vivre 1

In the BEDROOM, you can keep the same neutral oyster-white (RAL 1013) for the fixtures, and as the primary color for the furniture, while painting walls in pale green (RAL 6021). Apply some rose (RAL 3017) on the bed headboard and on several details to all the other furnishings to add freshness and color to the entire room. An armchair in velvet moss green (RAL 6005) will accentuate the springtime flair and will help you add a relaxed and cozy angle.

Joie de vivre 2

flooring in black marble or a deep tone natural parquet, for those who prefer cold or warm surface, - both will make a superb choice.  

Do you like this color scheme? Would you choose it for your home? What else would you add, or maybe some elements you wouldn't choose to pair together? Let me know in the comments.

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