Design Objects - The Red and Blue armchair (1918)

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The RED AND BLUE ARMCHAIR is one of the few design pieces whose design is internationally recognizable. It has no precedents; therefore, it became a symbol that marked the career of its creator Gerrit Rietveld, embodying the theory that stands behind the built-in concept.

The structure is made entirely in wood, and it is a continuous game of overlapped and crossed elements. The original model from 1918 was made in oak wood, with no colors at all, because the inventor wanted to make evident the sculptured skeleton. However, a year later, Rietveld slightly modified its design and decided to paint its parts. The geometry and the construction of this armchair became a cult thanks to the recognizable colored parts: the base structure is black, while the extreme cuts of all elements are in yellow. Red and blue correspondently are used to paint the backrest and the sitting. 

At that time, the young twenty-nine years old Rietveld was searching for a way to express the two-dimensionality in Neoplasticism. This armchair was discontinuously produced until 1973 when Cassina made a licensed reproduction. Since then, the Red and Blue armchair is made in Italy, produced until today, remaining a cult symbolic design in the history of Modernism

What do you think about this model? Would you like such a statement piece in the interiors of your home? Let me know in the comments. In case you're curious to know what it costs today, you can look in the section My Shop, it is enlisted along with other cult objects.



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