Design Objects - Door Handle N. 1020 (1953)

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What makes a handle great? The classical DOOR HANDLE N. 1020, designed by Johannes Potente for Franz Schneider Brakel, has the perfect grip. Potente has worked for the FSB for his entire carrier from 1922 until 1972, continuously producing new objects of design for this company, a work he continued even after his retirement in the pension until his death. 

Technically he was skilled in being a tool designer and engraver, and he applied his knowledge with precision, especially to masterpiece the design of door handles. He was a shy and introvert person, loved to work in his laboratory in solitude, but this allowed him to concentrate entirely on the projects he was working on and elaborate in-depth functionality, not only aesthetics design. 

The N. 1020 was one of the first doors handles made in aluminum, where its characteristics of luminosity and lightness mainly made this handle design to stand out from the rest of the world. Although it is available in other materials, too, like brass, bronze, and steel, the N. 1020 finds its best value expression when made in aluminum. 

Thanks to his dedication, Potente knew how to create a handle door of great success and international recognition, that we can get to enjoy every day in our homes. 

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