Scandinavian Air - color scheme (cold tones)

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A simple combination of whites and blues for a Scandinavian vibe!

There’s something magic in a fresh combination of white and blue. Oppose classical squares next to some modern curtains with a botanical print, then add a pinch of warmth in pink sand on pillows here and there. The blues and the whites in dull colors would be a perfect upholstery to maintain a simple and welcoming environment.

Keep the freshness on walls and fixtures by using paint in Oyster White (RAL 1013). An upholstery in Pastel Blu (RAL 5024) and Distant Blu (RAL 5023) will contribute to maintaining your convivial theme, while Ivory (RAL 1014) will give a warm hint of neutral tones.

The rough cotton with big leaves prints on curtains will give a modern look to your simple Scandinavian style room. The combination of cotton and linen, suitable best for countries with warmer weather, like Italy, and wool-blended for countries with colder weather, like Canada and Russia, will be a practical choice, perfect for upholstering. Besides, pillows and some sittings will be useful to clothe in blue and white natural-toned tartan. Choose cabinets and structures in light natural woods, like a beech tree, oak, and some walnut canaletta.

For softness flooring, I would recommend choosing a moquette boucle in natural wool. For hard flooring will be appropriate white limestone and a parquet in lightened brushed oak.

Do you like this color scheme for your home? Which other selections would you like to see? Maybe on cool tones or warm tones? Let me know in the comments bellow. 



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