A River's Delta - color scheme (cold tones)

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Blue-grey storks of a river’s delta inspired this casual and elegant color scheme, thought to create a relaxed atmosphere in the Livingroom.

Walls painted in natural ecru with ivory white fixtures and windows create a neutral base. Blue becomes the accent key color of this interior, with the tone of Sapphire blue and Pigeon blue for curtains, pillows, and upholstery. 

Place on windows these splendid curtains in cotton/silk with printed storks in nature for an immediate eyes-catching impact. An elegant sofa in blue or sand color velvet will give enriched but delicate surfaces. Upholster an armchair, a bench or some chairs in a neutral plaid pattern. In the end, decorate with some pillows in ivory silk and white-and-blue plaid to additionally play with more tangible effects.

Place on the floor a moquette or a big carpet in multiple tones of the desert dunes to add an immediate effect of continuity to horizontal surfaces, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. 

What do you say about this color selection? Do you like it? What would change?

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