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If they get around the dining table, then they must coordinate with it and, at the same time, be functional and offer maximum comfort. What do I mean? – SITTINGS, of course.

Thought, which type to choose? Decide upon soft padded armchairs of larger sizes to maximize the comfort, by so scarifying the number of total sittings? Or maybe go for slimmer versions, this way keeping the padding and perhaps gaining some free space? And if you choose to give priority to the number of sittings, then choose simple chairs with no armrests that take up less space?

Sittings are very important for everyday use and to host our dear friends and family at dinners and lunches, making them feel welcomed and comfortable. While choosing the sittings, we must take into consideration the overall style of the room to have a continuity of all the style elements, connecting them through shape, material, or color. With wood, metal, or plastic structure, with or without armrests, bigger or smaller, upholstered in fabric, leather, eco-leather, or microfiber, the result must be a balanced graceful look and comfortability at use.

Today I thought to share five types of sittings worth choosing for dining area, and my thoughts when to opt for each of the above:

1/ In case we have big spaces, I would recommend going for small PADDED ARMCHAIRS, which will guarantee the maximum comfort and classy look, especially if choosing a unique fabric or color leather for upholstery.

2/ Always comfortable but will occupy less space the SLIM ARMCHAIRS. These armchairs may be slightly padded or with a rigid structure, but ergonomic and comfortable.

3/ The same level of comfort but occupy remarkable less space are the CHAIRS WITH ARMRESTS.

4/ However, in case we have smaller space, a perfect choice will be simple CHAIRS, padded or made in wood/lacquered/polycarbonate. There are so many models to choose from, but if you’d ask me, I recommend choosing ones that have an ergonomic backrest and a padded sitting! This way, you’ll get the maximum comfort with no harm to the design.

5/ The minimum of space and maximum of utility you’ll get by using SMALL BARSTOOLS and BENCHES, which can be simple or with a padded cushion on top. 

Which would be your choice? Is there a model among the above that you liked most? Let me know in the comments. And if I can help you with pieces of advice or you need detailed information on these or similar articles, feel free to ask. I am at your disposal to help you get to know different producers, get acknowledged with styles and materials, and help you make better choices for your homes.

Meantime, I wish you a great week ahead and see you soon with another post. Let me know if there is a hot topic you’re currently interested in, and I’ll do my best to write a detailed answer in a post dedicated to your questions.



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